Saturday, October 3, 2009

farmers Market Dahlia 8" x 8" oil on panel

Today was a perfect day to paint- it poured outside! I had to wait till this afternoon. Vet appt for Winnie this morning and shopping after- (not my favorite thing to do)
My 3 year old corgi is in perfect health- but they want me to bring her in for a tooth cleaning- $500! Her front teeth are great- its the back molars. I am thinking- I have tools...
OK- I love my dog- but really-what is up with that?
I think  dogs don't get to be dogs anymore. They probably need to floss too. Yikes!
Then- I spent  a boatload on a - VACUUM CLEANER- holy krikes! This is needed partly because of the dental work needing dog. But I want this one to be my LAST vac i ever have to buy-it better be! Its a sporty red Miele- oooh baby.
Im afraid to take it out of the box.So it's still sitting in the very dog hairy house in its nice wrapping.  I headed out to paint-but I know that -when I want to- I can clean!
I just am waiting for the want to part...
Anyway- here's my flower- its from  bouquet I bought at the farmers market yesterday- I could not capture the lovely tequila sunrise color but I tried-  think it would translate well in



Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Oh, HELLO, Dahlia! I commiserate about the vaccuum - have a new one... fear using it! Dog hair piles up and up. I could literally kill someone with allergies. I think I will be immune to allergies because I am 'toughening' my system. Yeah?
Dahlia's are my favorite, I think. Oh. Do I say that about all flowers? I love this painting, BTW. AND think, you will have lots of little paintings for the NRAS Holiday Show!

Sally Dean said...

Thanks Kelley! I used it today- its really nice to have a good well designed machine-my black rug looks great now!
I will be happy to sell these anywhere- I need the money honey!