Saturday, October 10, 2009

my old shed 12" x 12" oil on canvas

This painting was done the other day on a gorgeous afternoon-I did paint today but it was  SO not worthy of posting....maybe it was the REALLY long day I had...
sigh...morning is really the best time of day for me to paint.
I love my old shed- we moved it to make room for my studio-rolled it over and plunked it between two trees by tying it to the truck with ropes on PVC pipes -yee ha!
I am finding it tough to paint at the end of the day -after working on my commision this morning, looking after my sweet 7 year old nephew who slept over last night, taking my mother to the Scituate animal shelter ( beautiful new facility with amazing staff) to adopt a cat, them going to work at the museum,then errands- scoping out a job at a friend's house who wants her mantlepiece painted with faux rocks- ( wonderful family in the neighborhood- sweet lovely people)buying my husband some beer-I finally sat in front of my easel and painted- but it needs more work.Just too tired.
That is more info than you needed I am sure. TV time with hubby now..

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