Sunday, October 11, 2009

Queen Annes Lace and Bittersweet 8''x8'' oil on panel

I found the bigger bottle in my back yard- its probably not old and had some kind of booze in it but I like the lustre on it....there was still some Queen Annes Lace
in bloom in the field on my walk - it's like summer and fall together. 
Today was a glorious fall day- I did have to work but my dear friend Kim came and 
we spent the afternoon playing around with collage and visiting with one 
of the museums best volunteers -Winne D'Melio -who is 104 years old. 
She has just returned from a cruise to Bermuda with her kids- amazing woman- and her secret of life is"keep a smile in your heart". She sure brightens my 
day and I am honored to know her. I was able to share my flowers with her
on my laptop. Kim and I took a lovely long walk after the museum closed and 
lapped up the lovely fall sunshine.

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