Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"Happy on the Outside" 8'x 8' oil on panel

I think a lot of us put on a happy face but inside feel sad- and the holidays can make it even worse. I hope we can all find a little peace and happiness this season.

Crying is a good thing- we all need to do it... but sometimes its hard, especially for MEN...

Why Crying is Good?
  • It relieves you of your tensions
  • It manages stress
  • Form of communication. One can express one’s feelings through it
  • Conveys love for another person. It brings people closer. We cry for our loved one. A baby cries for its mother
  • Crying helps you get over a hurt. By crying, you forget the seriousness of the event
  • Crying indicates deep feelings. It can reflect anger or happiness
  • It releases frustrations
  • Crying is a safety valve to pent up emotions
  • You feel relaxed after a good cry
  • Crying cleans the eyes. Dirt is removed
  • It reduces blood pressure. Since your are relieved of stress, your blood pressure levels come down
  • Crying can also indicate some illness. When you are in pain you cry
  • Crying can express what words cannot.

of the ornament IS! drumroll.....

(Maddie and Winnie picking)

Kathleen Young!!!!

My wonderful beautiful yoga goddess- congratulations Kath!
And thanks to all of you who emailed me-it was a joy to hear from you all.

  On my 200th post I will give away a painting.


Manon Doyle said...

Love the painting... I have that Kleenex!

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

I should be the healthiest person alive - I'm such a crier! Seriously, I cry almost every day. Mostly because of beauty, or because I am missing someone who has passed away - just a minute, then - you're right! I feel great. Love the tissue box, and the sentiment. You never really know what's going on with people.

Now I'm going to cry because my blog subscription is broken - WAH!

Anonymous said...

Oh, ya, I'm a big crier. I cried the other day after watching Marley and Me. Okay, I bawled after watching Marley and Me. Then later that day I watched Taking Chance. An unbelieveable true story about a Marine who volunteers to escort a young Marine who was killed in action back to his hometown...BAWLED somemore. That night I went to bed and it felt like I had a hand on my head, and all I could think of was I had a spirit (call it what you like) that was trying to comfort me by patting my head.

Lovely painting, Sal.


Sally Dean said...

I actually feel like I need someone to slap me so I CAN cry- i haven't in so long.sometimes James Taylor songs make me cry, and there are always those Hallmark commercials....

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I love the significance here. It's so true. We out on the 'game' face and stuff everything. You're so perceptive!