Sunday, December 27, 2009

shower flower 8" x8" oil on panel

Another tropical theme here- must be the season!
My Dad took this picture of these orchids that are blooming in their outdoor shower-there is nothing better than washing up in the balmy  fragrant tropical air.
I struggled with this one- lots of subtle greys and the ambiguous background, but it was a lot of fun to paint.
While I was painting this Sunday morning I listened to the WERS broadcast from the UU church in Boston- the sermon was titled- "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain"
I thought it was a great sermon-
The minister said so beautifully that we should do what it is that we are meant to do ,  what we already are doing.
I have struggled over the years with my art not really knowing if I was ever REALLY good or not- it seems that so many others have it all going on and it's so easy to look at someone else's stuff and go MAN! I wish I could paint ( write, sing, look, be) just like that! I attempt to a lot of different types of art and I love variety, but I am finally enjoying sticking with something longer, to fully explore its potential.
We, like the characters in the Wizard of Oz, already have what we are looking and striving for.
I am left with these thoughts-
"Want what you have,
do what you can
be who you are."
Thanks WERS, for bringing the service to me this morning as I painted my flower in my cozy studio. I am finally feeling like I am where I should be, and that is a beautiful thing .

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Paula Villanova said...

Sally, I love white flowers, and you captured the special striking white that I notice in fantastic is that to have orchids growing in an outdoor shower? That sermon sounds like it was pretty insightful, wish I heard it.