Friday, December 11, 2009

quick study 8" x 8" oil on panel

I had almost no time this morning to paint.
Painting every single day is a challenge- no doubt about that... and with a messy house, half decorated tree, entertaining and hundreds of my collectable ornaments to glitter I wonder how I can even do it. The joy of sitting in front of my easel beckons me each day- I must do it faithfully regardless of the undone chores.
When I set out to do this and sent it out to just family, my dear brother Chip wrote  these words to me.

"I hope you find the discipline required of this to be healing and calming. There will be times when you are not in the mood, or miss a few days and you
will feel compelled to catch up and be stressed about it, but instead I hope you allow yourself the luxury of a few  mulligans or missed days now and then.

I believe the flower represents new beginnings, hope and promise, but we have to be aware of its short life and our need to appreciate it now. In many respects it’s similar to our lives which are short from an eternal
perspective and when times are tough we have the mental ability to always create  new beginning and regain hope for good things to come. What a great
alternative way to think versus, worrying, unfinished business, broken relationships, and internal self-doubt.

People need to be constantly energized to lift themselves out of their current path and create a new mindset which is positive and productive. I think you should think of your 365 Flowers project is a way to help people do that, and recognize the power it can have if they can see your struggles and triumphs each day. The flower is the focus, but in the background envision everyday, current, things like stacks of bills, broken furniture, piles of laundry or broken car, the overriding theme of your live at that moment. The background being the struggle and the flower being the cure. "

Thanks Chip-I could not have put it better than this- he it right on the mark.
I have yet to miss a single day.
I am afraid if I do I will get lackadaisical about it and slip.
So I will keep going.
Also- if you are in the Pembroke area I will be demo painting at Circle Furniture 
at a festive holiday marketplace event from 12-4. You can also visit Norwell Clayworks for more wonderful items to benefit Kate DiSantis.


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Right On!
Isn't it a great feeling to do what makes your heart sing instead of the laundry?

Sally Dean said...

It sure is.
Wait- there's no clean underwear! (:

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Your brother has a wonderful heart. I love this and am going to take it as my mantra, too.