Wednesday, December 16, 2009

summertime Maddie (work in progress)day 2-12"x12" oil on panel

I fiddled around on the face off and on all afternoon. Maddie had her wisdom teeth out this morning and was in a lot of pain in the afternoon- I was in and out of the studio and wishing I could take her pain away, staring at her happy face was good for me.
The trouble with these little portraits is that one little flick of the brush can make or break it- and the color is a challenge  to get from a photo.
I hope to get it to a better place tomorrow.
Bad light on the picture as well- just shot it tonight-under the lights.

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Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Oh, God I HEAR you about a flick of the brush! My post today was the portrait exchange from Karin Jurick's blog - how many times did I completely mess it up?????

Kisses to poor Maddie. Molly's having hers done the Monday after Christmas. She also wants to stay alone in her apt. post-op, and wants PACO for 2 days. I hate to say 'no', but look at Maddie. Does she look like she should be 'babysitting'?

Look at FB for a nice announcement from me, girl...

I love the way this is 'happily' developing!