Sunday, December 13, 2009

"When Pigs Fly" 22'x30" acrylic on canvas

From the archives- i actually did this last spring after an amazing retreat with the fabulous Jane Filer in North Carolina. I stumbled upon Jane in Art in America magazine and was instantly hooked- her style is so unique and her completely intuitive approach is refreshing. I spun out about 6 or so paintings like this after the retreat- and then I lost the thread.
I will return - I'm on a different path-and who knows where it will lead me! Thats what is so fun and addicting about art- its endless.
I had my family over to the house for a holiday dinner- we were getting the house ready and cooking all day- and no time to paint- so there you go. I feel great about my house though- it was looking so neglected!
Good thing I have back up paintings! If you are looking for the flower -it fell off the stem and left only the leaf. HAH!


bryson said...

Well, now I can see the current entries! Helps to use Google lol

Your commitment to this daily practice is commendable and inspiring. When my busy 2010 is over, I intend to try something along the same lines; what a great way to flex your artisitic muscles. Keep it up!

Love always, Bryson

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

This painting is LIKE a flower - it's you, unfolding. And I love it. Am thinking now... when pigs fly.... everyone in the house will put their dishes in the dishwasher, someone besides me will put the trash out, I will be organized, flowers will bloom all year long in my garden, my pets will live forever, I will never be shy or tongue-tied, my hair will de-gray.... hmmm... maybe dinners will cook themselves and be delicious and healthy?