Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Winter Rose 8"x8" oil on panel- for Gail

Today is my 100th post.
I walked my dogs on this frigid morning in search of a rose- I had remembered that there was  rosebush still in bloom  in my neighbor Pam's driveway- even after the snow we've had recently there was this small, still unopened delicate pink flower.
I snipped it and cradled it my pocket to safely bring it  home.  (thanks Pam)
I wanted to paint a rose to remember Anjuli today. I never met her, but her mother Gail is a good friend of mine.
I asked my friend Kim Arouca to write this .

Anjuli Marie Hunter
January 5, 1983 – December 8, 2006

A name shared with an Indian Princess
Hindu meaning:  Blessings/Unconquerable

Donned with brilliant golden silk, bluest blue eyes and an impish joyful smile she lived up to her name – Anjuli was by all standards as beautiful as any princess.  She was a blessing to all who knew her and a very strong and accomplished young woman.

She was intellectually bright, although her mom, my dearest friend Gail, would tease her telling her that she was the smartest dumb blonde she ever met whenever she lacked common sense.  She never lacked determination, however – she met the challenges she set for herself and those the world threw at her with great success.  She was a gymnast and soccer player.  She worked hard and took pride in her academic achievements – graduating among the top in her class at MHS.  She received a BS from Villanova and received her Masters in Accounting from Northeastern while working at a top accounting firm in Boston

Her truest talent was connecting with people and uniting others.  This is so evident by the incredible number of genuine friends Anjuli left behind who continue to celebrate her life and their own lives in her memory.  She was a peacemaker, an organizer and a lover of sharing fun.

I cherish my memories of visiting Gail when Anjuli and her friends would be at her house readying for a night out.  Never having girls of my own I would marvel at the conversations, the laughter, the sharing of clothing, jewelry, make up, suggestions, love and the beauty – Anjuli at the center making sure there was room for everyone.

She was in love with a beautiful young man, Dave, who also passed in the same auto accident.  She was at the crown of her life, when she left us. Anjuli will always remain in our hearts and minds as the beautiful life-loving person she was and we ask that she continue to guide her parents, family, friends and all others in remembering to embrace life each day as she did.


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Beautiful painting, beautiful girl. Her spirit is not gone... she lives on.

Anonymous said...

Funny how you can always find a rose waiting to bloom even on the coldest of days.

Beautiful post.


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

You are a natural at this.

I love this post, I love that you can find roses (and pansies) still blooming here in the winter.
Anjuli, looks like a rose, blooming forever, in Heaven.

Anonymous said...

Now that's a Sally painting! Complete with magic and snowflakes.
A beautiful tribute to a beautiful girl.