Sunday, February 28, 2010

Altered Book - mixed media breakfast at Sunny's

I slept over at my sister Bryson's house last night- it was great. Its like being at a spa where I can just chill.
In the morning I sat and painted her coffee pots- this is a view of her stove.She perked a pot ( the old corning ware one on the right) and her modern pot sat to the side- shunned!
We had a delicious and fattening breakfast (extra thanks to her fiance  Brian for getting up early and buying the food) and then fooled around making organza flowers for her upcoming wedding!
I decorated my altered book cover with some of them.
I'm thankful for my sister- we have a lot of fun together.
She showed me this you tube- love it- made us belly laugh-
watch it!


Paintings by Patricia said...

Nice to have downtime llike that and that video is a riot. Sent it to a few of my friends...

bryson said...

It was big fun having you here! Let's do it again



Sally Dean said...

i know it!
It was a blast!

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

What a great book. What a great idea, and great paintings inside! And BEAUTIFUL flowers on the front!

Anonymous said...

The flowers look so pretty on the front of your book and I love how you took something so prosaic as coffee pots and turned them into lovely art pieces.

I have an old French book (copyright 1900) that I carry in my handbag and I whip it out to doodle or collage in when I have to wait somewhere. One day I was sitting at a table in the library waiting on my husband and using crayons in the book. My husband was horrified that a librarian would start chewing me out!

Loved the cockatoo video, too! Thanks for sharing.