Monday, February 1, 2010

My Grandmothers Kitchen 6"x6" oil on canvasboard

this is my submission for my "Girls Just Wanna Paint" challenge group- this months theme is Kitchen classics.
I spent a good part of my childhood in this kitchen . My stepfather  had taken this photo back in the day so I had to remember the colors... lots of natural wood. It was so fun to paint- I felt like I was there! I would love to paint this again- but much bigger.

My maternal grandmother had soft snowy white hair that she always swept up in a loose bun (she had a secret fake bun that she pinned to the back of her head!) and she liked to wear  woolen suits of lovely magenta and lavender hues....sweet little silk scarves tied around her neck.

She had very blue eyes.
She was an artist and painted chairs and trays in her  antique house on Main Street in Norwell  in her studio  upstairs we called the "Crow's nest". I fell in love with the smell of turpentine there. I loved to watch her paint. In her youth she was a fashion illustrator.
I loved her and miss her terribly still. She was a true lady. My grandparents took all three of us kids in for a few years when we were small.
Our memories include happy sunny days, their beautiful old home,  chickens in the yard, flowers in the garden, wonderful meals and loving grandparents- they were wonderful to us.
 When I think what heaven is like it always includes them and waking up in a violet scented room with the sun streaming in the windows and the smell of coffee and bacon and gentle talking in the old kitchen below. 


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

That is positively charming, colorful and full of life! I slacked and watched "Vickie Cristina Barcelona" and did the laundry ;)
Back at it tomorrow.

Sally Dean said...

I saw that movie too-don't you wish you were like the artist in that movie?LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh, Sal, this is just lovely.

Michele :)

bryson said...

Sal, great job on Nangy's kitchen painting! That really takes me back. If you make a larger one, get some giclees made and I'd love a copy.

Excellent writing here as well. I share those memories! XO Bryson

Paintings by Patricia said...

What a lovely memory, Sally and so much detail in this charming painting.

Sally Dean said...

thanks guys!

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

I love what you painted, and I love what you wrote. Misty eyed here, thinking of how wonderful your grandparents were to you. oxox