Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sunshine Award!

I got the Sunshine Award![sunshineblogaward.jpg]
I received this blogger award from Kelley MacDonald- thank you Kelley!
I will admit that some of these blogs I had to stumble upon, and some I have not ever commented on- but I am glad to receive this award, and being relatively new to blogging it made me look around and be part of the blogging community- it is a wonderful place to be! Here are my recipients-
 1)Mary Sheehan Winn
2)Linny D Vine
3)Manon Doyle
4) Kathy Weber
 5)Bobbi Heath
 6)Joan Schwartz
 7)James Guerney
 8)peggy bruno
 9)Jeffrey Hayes
10)Laurel Daniels
11)Julie  Davis
Heres what you are supposed to do ( if you have time- it took me quite a while!
Take the picture of the flower and put it on your blog-
pick 12 people and link them on your blog-
notify those people!


Laurel Daniel said...

Thank you Sally!!!! What an encouragement you are - I really appreciate the award and I love the use of color in YOUR work!

Manon Doyle said...

Thank yo so much Sally! This is the second time this week that I got this award!! I'm so honored!!

Kathleen Weber said...

Thanks Sally!

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

I've already found two new 'favorites' in your list that I've never visited before!!! Thanks, Sal!

Sally Dean said...

you are welcome- thank you all for inspiring me!

Paintings by Patricia said...

Congrats, Sally. and thanks for the blogs I've not seen.

julie davis said...

Sally, thank you very much! It's an honor to be chosen by one's peers for such a compliment. Your colors and composition are lovely!