Monday, February 8, 2010

HUH? ( no title yet) ( in progress) 8"x8" oil on panel

I am not sure what happened today- I could have painted my amaryllis again but didn't really feel like it.
I did a page of thumbnails this morning while I had my coffee and came up with a lot of strange doodles... 

I do visit a few favorite  artists sites and get inspired first- I find it hard to step outside of the box with out a little help sometimes. 
I've been pretty much focused on observing and portraying flowers as I see them, I am learning so much about color and light and paint- but it's when I enter my  imaginative world that I get really excited.
There's nothing to refer to here, no rules, sometimes it gets a little off , but I am hoping the lessons I am learning will come into play.
I will look forward to more of these and see where it takes me.


Boston Baked Beads said...

I LOVE the thumbnail page as art in itself!

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Very YOU! And perfect, not 'off'.

Paintings by Patricia said...

You have always had a great imaginative world Sally. Play on it.
I was really switched on with my OP class today. They did some great pieces.

Sally Dean said...

thank you!
Pat what is OP class?