Monday, February 22, 2010

Humarock study( WIP) 8"x8"Oil on panel

I have a commission to paint a scene from the Humarock area of Marshfield- but in a whimsical style. I took some reference photos and did some thumbnails and came up with this. Its challenging to depart from what's real while still retaining its special uniqueness of place.I am planning to do a few studies of the area and then choose one to do a finished 36" square canvas for my client.
On another note-
I made a smoothie for breakfast this morning- look at my refuse!

Later in the day- I went to TAR-JAY --and the starbucks in it were giving out these free little cappacino drinks
Like  giant cherry on top?
I remember when I had to go to Cambridge to get Starbucks and it was SO cool- now it's in Target. Might as well be Dunkin Donuts!


Manon Doyle said...

Hey Sally,
Your paintings always make me smile! They are such happy works! Love the baby drink at Starbucks!!

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

You should have painted the baby cappuccino! Wonderful painting.. hot sunny day? xoox And really, I have to love people who can make art out of stuff most people throw away!

bryson said...

you're such a yupster - Tarjay and Starbucks. lol

I love the Humarock piece! Can I get a print of it? XO Bryson

Sally Dean said...

yes for a price!

Paintings by Patricia said...

They are suchh happy pieces and wow have you been busy lately.