Saturday, February 20, 2010

Birthday cake Altered Book - mixed media

I went to two birthday parties today- back to back.
My nephew Luis turned 6, and my nephew Keith turned 18. Then my nephew Chris who turned 7 yesterday came to my house-(actually is here right now and I am supposed to go watch a movie!)
This is the cake my sister in law Maria made-she makes Martha Stewart look like a lame
ex-con wannabe. 
I didn't really do it justice- its been a long day!
Here is a picture of a potato that we didn't cook for dinner the other night- it was too perfect!


Paintings by Patricia said...

Looks like an amazing cake, Sally.
A heart shaped potato??awesome.

kris said...

It has been less than 5 days since I saw you and I go on your blog and I am always amazed at how much great painting, socializing and living you get into every day..... I love the perspective of the cake, (I want a piece).... the painting of the house is awesome...just like you,,,,miss you,,,see you Wed at Yoga>>>>Kris

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

I want some of that cake, too! And never, ever get rid of that potato!

M.F.Bruno said...

Very neat. You are so creative. That potatoe is crying to be sold on ebay...haha