Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Amaryllis two 8" x 8" oil on panel

Another view of my lovely Amaryllis.
It has another bud opening on it- so I just might paint it again! When it fades, I'm going to try to get it to bloom again next year. 

Allowing Your Amaryllis to Re-bloom Naturally

  1. To allow your Amaryllis to re-bloom naturally, cut off the flower stalk after blooming ceases, but let the foliage continue to grow as long as it can. Keep it in bright light, indoors or out.
  2. Keep watered so the soil is moist, but not wet.
  3. Stop feeding in August.
  4. Bring indoors before frost and place in a cool spot in indirect, bright light.
  5. The leaves will start to yellow and drop around December. Keep watering as usual and new flowers stalks should appear in a month or two. Resume feeding at this time and move the plant to a warm, sunny spot. Leaves will follow shortly and then blooms.
  6. When the flowers fade, start the process over. Allowing the plant to bloom naturally will result in larger plants and flowers.


Chris Peters said...

Another beautiful painting!!! (good luck with the reblooming. I have a bulb that's been sitting here in a pot for 3 years...it goes outside in the summer...always has leaves, but never gets a stalk. I've got a brown thumb.)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Sal! I'm always able to get mine to rebloom. My method if you'd like to try is this:
1. After the blooms are eaten by the cats, cut what's left off.
2. Hide hideous looking plant in corner of room, thus forgetting to water on a regular basis.
3. Next Christmas when all the House and Beautiful magazines have beautiful photo shoots that include beautiful blooming plants, take yours out from the corner you hid them in.
4. Water well, throw in some plant food for good measure and as an apology for forgetting all about it.
5. Bring into the light of the day and hot damn, in a few weeks you will see a little green bud emerge.
6. Dance around the house in joy.

That should do it!
Michele :)

Paintings by Patricia said...

These paintings get better and better.

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

This one knocks my socks off! Thanks for the tips. I love Amaryllis, but with my cats.... I don't know.

Sally Dean said...

I am laughing- you guys are so funny!
Ill probably chuck it in the woods and let a deer eat it- get one at job lot next year!

Rose said...

I am amazed to see such a beautiful painting on your blog. It looks awesome. You are a blessed artist.