Sunday, October 30, 2016

Time Travel

I impulsivley signed up for a workshop with Bill Flynn at the South Shore Art Center in Cohassett last week- and so glad I did.
 Bill Flynn was my favorite  drawing teacher at the museum school 40 years ago. 40.
He taught me how to see.
It was so liberating and I felt like I traveled back in time to my years at the Museum school.
The theme of the workshop was about realism to abstraction back to realism- and that is the line I straddle- always. Everything is abstract. We were told to bring objects that meant something to us.  I brought a tin house and broccoli and a piece of driftwood for my subjects.
There were such amazing artists in this class. We bonded. I hate that it is over. Here is the work in no particular order...
Cindy responded to the kids art in the hall. Trojan horse. This is about 30"x40". LOVE. She attacked her paper with abandon and fun.

Tony didn't love his- We liked it's energy and movement....

Bill repositioned it and it seemed to work better. If you can't see it it's actually two pieces of paper. There was a lot of tearing and collaging going on in this workshop!

Kathleen  worked from her own figure drawing-I feel like she really captured the essence of it- 

Allison Crowe brought a clock mechanism for her subject. I love the movement of the line !

Lisa Marder had a diptych idea of nature and the demise of it- it was wonderful to see her evolution of the idea crystalize. 

Martin made elegant  charcoal drawings of his set up that included his mothers created coffee pot. 

Joan Drescher explored Chinese lantern blossoms - she saw faces in them. I love her collage work.

Kimberlee Alemain- a master painter- with paper and ink and tape. I have no words! except sublime.
Below- me. I fell right back to the place I was once in. My eye wandered around the room- windows, the tin house. broccoli. Some one brought high heel shoes. These are  about 24" wide. I had a blast.

my final piece

the one from yesterday...

the sketches.

Scale, play, wandering, pushing, pulling. 
I don't know where Ill go next. 
Thanks for looking at this ridiculously long post!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Frye Island, Maine

I was so happy to return to Frye Island again this summer- it's in the middle of Sebago Lake, Maine. My friend Nancy lives there The beaches are so beautiful- the water is crystal clear.

Nancy and Linda kitchen goddesses!

Carol J hanging on for dear life in the golf cart!

My painting of the screen porch...

and of the rocks. I felt a really strong presence of my Dad in this place for some reason. Something about the way the rocks and sand were- not Hawaii- but I felt something similar.