Saturday, August 31, 2019


This is my "on my mind " for Girls Just Wanna Paint Challenge, as well as my submission for the Trekell Art Supply pet portrait competition. The sent me this interesting hexagonal panel. I miss my girl so much . Good thing I have two grandogs.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Saying Goodbye to my little buddy

We had to put our corgi Winnie down yesterday, she was 13 1/2 and was suffering from degenerative mylopothy, a disease that effects the spine and basically is the canine equivalent of ALS.
She was still eating, and not in pain, but was getting increasingly frustrated and just had no quality of life left. It's debatable - is it easier to lose a pet tragically in an accident? or to wait the long wait to the time appointed. Neither one is good at all.
My vet came to my house  and gently put her to sleep outside by my water garden. It was peaceful, she wasn't scared, but heart wrenching to say the least.
I am so grateful for the happy times we had with her, and will miss her so much. I've been working on pictures and models of her all summer, preparing I guess.

She was the prettiest girl.

I'm working on this painting of her.

This was a fun sculpture  I made at camp with paperclay.

Here she is on her last day.

My friend Mary dropped off these beautiful flowers and a card from my girlfriends. 
It's my "rainbow bridge".

Some sketches on the last day.
I'm so sad, but moving on.
I have two granddogs, and that helps.
I don't blog a lot these days, thanks for reading.