Friday, September 28, 2012

20"x20" work in progress

still working on this I did as a demo at North River Arts Festival in May....
I'm wanting to insert more realism into my work lately, been looking at the techniques of the old masters- glazing techniques- and wondering how to integrate that with this style.
Candace Walters seems to be able to do this wonderfully...


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Duxbury Bay Farm Montessori Mural

I was asked to paint a mural in a long narrow hall opposite the lockers of the middle school kids at the school. The idea was a nautical theme incorporating an old map of Duxbury and a compass rose. I start these things knowing the ideas will change and morph and the kids imput always determines the outcome. I started with this old map, and this captured map from google earth.
I decided to change the north to a different direct,,,and stretched it on photoshop so the coastline would go all along the bottom.
This is how it started- adding the torn edges of the map with the decorative corners- we gridded it and chalked and outlined  it on the wall. Then we painted in the big areas of blue and brown.

-week 2 - (stitched on photoshop(badly!) i am really getting into adding the landmarks.
(notice the Art Complex Museum!)

Also we thought the powder point bridge should be a feature so we blew that up to go all along the bottom.

Lots more Kingston, Plymouth stuff next week and I  need to finish it...I could work on this all year !
Maybe the kids will keep adding-
They are keeping me busy- next we are painting the bottom of a dingy that the kids built - it will hang from the high ceiling in their classroom.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Step by step nursery mural

I had painted a nursery theme in this same home a year and a half ago- they had me back to paint this in their new baby girl's room (due in November).
The house is in Green Harbor- and lots of beach theme decor... they had requested this.
You can see where I fixed the window- the image I was using had the windows opened to different angles- it bothered me so I made them symmetrical.
I had fun making the shutters look weathered-I fashioned a graining tool out of a plastic cup to drag through the paint.I made a shadow around the window using the background wall color darkened with a little blue.
I incorporated the bedding pattern into the wall with the pink and orange starfish.
Being in their sweet house made me happy- this is the nicest little family.
They were pretty happy with it I think!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Fairie Houses

This weekend was the 2nd annual fairy house workshop at the Art Complex- I love this event so much!
                                       I found wings at the Dollar need wings!

                                     this wonderful tree root was perfect for the houses...
                       mermaid houses( made on the beach) from driftwood and shells and rocks

 t                                                      two of the cutest fairies around

                               this guy was sitting at my pond- wondering where the fairies are!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Long Beach, looking towards Miles Standish, 9"x12" oil

I was invited to be part of an awesome retreat this weekend, right on Long Beach, Plymouth, with 4 amazing women. We were towards the end, one side ocean, other side the busy harbor. The tip  of the peninsula has great views of Bug light, the Gurnet, Miles Standish monument , and Saquish right across. I had never been on Long beach in my life!
The weekend went way too fast- we packed in beach time, crafting ( the amount of beads was unbelievable!), cooking, eating, walking, reading,  swimming, painting, mermaid house constructions and general cavorting. I managed to see the sun rise and set on both days. I'm tired but blissfully happy to have spent summers last weekend in this place with these people. I will be making a facebook post with all the photos to put up on the Goldenrod foundation page in a day or two.
I love being in nature and near water.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Out of the box- or in?

My submission for this year's out of the box was not very avant gard, maybe more "in " the box than I usually am, although I am beginning to think I have a split personality, painting wise that is.
This is from New Harbor Maine, the trip I took this past June.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Humarock Beach, 12"x12" oil on canvas

Last night on the beach was heaven- painted this one from my friend Nancy Colellas beach house deck.
I loved every second of doing this- got kinda thick and juicy with the paint- not sure if it reads here but no matter- I was happy just to see the pink light and purple shadows dancing on the sand.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

summers end 9x12" acrylic

These old chairs have served us well over the past several summers- they have been replaced by new patio furniture, but they are great for the fire pit. Might be in the fire pit next summer :)
I am squeezing  and savoring the last drops of summer- will start to put things to bed soon, but not quite yet.
Thought I'd share this amazing sunset from Maine- breathtaking!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gotts Island ,Maine

On my way back this morning form this remote and beautiful island off Acadia.
It has been a wonderful long weekend of reading, hking, clamming, painting , hanging out and eating.
We were able to help the annual beach cleanup initiative and met some lovely people on the island.
Its getting chilly- time to return.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Demo at the Franklin Art Association

Last night I gave a talk and painting demo at the Franklin Art Association. There were about 40 people watching me do these two. YIKES!

 I don't love demos- there were a lot of serious painters there and I
felt intimidated to say the least! But I think they enjoyed watching my process... I had prepared the canvases prior so was winging it, taking their suggestions.
A couple of people told me that they loved seeing something so different- there were lots of realists there - One guy said it was "glorified doodling"which in a way is true...
I like the way they turned out -the top one is done  ( another person said it would make a good wine label- love that idea!)
The one below still needs a lot of work... things are emerging.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Molly and Muffy 12"x12" acrylic

Molly was the sweetest beagle in the entire world- my brother's neighbor found her by the side of a St. Louis highway when they lived there 8 or so years ago. ALthough they were not even looking for a dog, my sister in law and brother fell in love with her-0 those eyes could melt glaciers. They moved across the street from me 5 years ago.
Molly's front right leg was severely injured and they had to amputate it- but that little sweetheart was able to run down the hill to the creek just as fast as could be.
She died last winter- we miss her a lot.
Muffy the cat has also passed on- this painting was a gift for my niece Kellies 18th birthday- these were her beloved pets.
My reference was a real picture of Molly photoshopped next to a google image cat, and a photo of Muffy for the was fun to do. I added lilies as a symbol of remembrance.

Monday, September 3, 2012

New Beginnings- water study

Labor Day feels like a new beginning day- I like it. Summer's not really over, but fall is knocking on the door and I like it. Letting go is hard, accepting the change is good. Im going to move some of my plants around today.
I haven't done a painting like this one ever that I can think of- I'd like to try more... so simple, done in about 15 minutes.
My inspiration was this artist

Chris Armstrong 

               at the Beth Urdang Gallery in Boston... unbelievable paintings of water. WOW.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

FairyHouses at the Art Complex

This is our second year creating fairy houses at the Art Complex Museum and I made a bunch to put  in the display case at the Duxbury Public Library. We are  having a free workshop for kids and adults on September 22, and we will display them the next day at our big  opening reception for 3 other shows. This is me with mushrooms I made from the old drawers pulls off my dresser.....
I love my job!
Also - check out all the music paintings on the Girls Just Wanna Paint blog!