Monday, May 31, 2010

Perfect 10 Weekend

This holiday weekend was PERFECT!  The festival was a blast ( beautiful weather helps!) family and friends, music and food- parties- gardening- painting and just plain hanging out- What fun!
These cuties are not mine- but sure resemble Winnie and Ollie ( although these dogs don't fight)

This little angel was SO excited for the festival! I put her in my demo painting ( you will see that tomorrow)

Chalk drawing on the street- I'm sorry but can I steal these children?

I was the poster child! I felt SO special....

The parade on Monday- thank you to all those who have served and fought for us.
I am glad we are reminded every year by going to this ceremony.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Art Festival!

I am going to be at the Festival all weekend - its one of the most fun times all year!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

mystery painting

Today and yesterday I worked on my giant murals for the annual GRAD NIGHT LIVE- an all night celebration for the seniors at Marshfield High School.
I've been helping with the murals for a long time- my youngest is about to graduate and I cannot even believe it. This community always amazes me how they come together to decorate and pull off this party- transforming the school into a thematic wonderland. It is open to the public on Saturday June 5 at 7:00- fun fun fun! The little kids LOVE it! Come see!
The seniors arrive at 10 PM and are checking in- they stay all night -it gives them a whole night to hang out with their friends- there is food, dancing, movies, tattoo artists ( temp of course) caricature artists, hair styling, bouncy-houses and psychics. I used to work all night as a portrait artist and loved seeing the kids- all going places- so excited.  Happy-sad. I can't work all night anymore- too old for that!
I cannot post this years murals because its a secret! I am so thankful for Kathy Young, Jean Sullivan ( who lives in another town and STILL helped me!) my cousin Julie and Sue Sheehan for helping me. It was fun and we got two huge murals done.
Here's my last years mural - I do the donor thank you wall.
I am taking the weekend off from posting- its a holiday weekend and the Art Festival!
Look at the "Wicked Local!" Its my poster!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Afternoon in Rexhame Back Yard 9"x 12" oil on panel

It was a lovely day last week painting this back yard...lots of neighborhood noises- interesting!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Crane Beach 8"x 10" acrylic on paper

Here is the beginning of my "woodcut " tee shirt design for Crane beach in Ipswich.
I plan to go into the marsh grass with white and emphasize the beach roses in the foreground, and I want to make the sky a bit more dramatic.  I found the watercolor I was using to bleed into the white so I switched to acrylic.
This is Winnie- she is obsessed by the 5 golfish in my pond.
She spends the whole day looking at them. Oh Winnie...
And finally here is my studio with these giant mystery plants I transplanted  from
 the roadside- I love them but after the flowers fade I'm getting rid of them,,, I fear that they might be some toxic mutant weed!

Monday, May 24, 2010


This is my friend Kelley MacDonald- ( I did this portrait of her for our challenge-  it sorta looks like her) she has been so supportive of me- and she helped me get started with my blog.
She has a huge heart and is so diligent about her work, she is a great painter and can paint anything! Jelly donuts are her specialty...
She is in a contest to become the next "Daily Painter" ( well- she already IS a daily painter but this would put her in the internet group) and , if you have a minute-look at the competition and vote  ( for her I hope!)
Vote on the 5 stars!
Okay- I never forward chain mail, but I am doing this-hope you dont mind!
If you are wondering where my flower is today- they are in the planters around my house-lots of gardening today after work.  I painted a bit this morning on my big comission- and somehow misplaced my camera in the house when I wanted to post it- so there you have it....

Sunday, May 23, 2010

you've got mail!

Today I painted my mailbox for the fabulous North River Arts Festival- they will be sold at silent auction Memorial day . My friend and neighbor Tori Brega came over and worked on hers- we enjoyed the lovely weather and painted by my fishpond.
I am so rich in artist friends!

I had fun thinking up addresses for the mail- one more to address- any ideas?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

road trip!

Today Mary Sheehan -Winn and I drove up to Crane Beach in Ipswich so I could take a photo of the beach for another t-shirt design for the trustees of reservations. We made a day of it-the wonderful Rt 1 in Saugus- a fantastic barn sale and white elephant shop in Essex
Lots of treasures! We were restrained, just poked and puttzed- loved it!
A lovely walk on the beach- I accomplished my mission, then we painted the fragrant beach roses and dunes. Today's weather was perfect- a little breeze, sunny and comfy.

We finished up with an ice-cream cone at Woodman's-a perfectly fantastic day!

Friday, May 21, 2010

TGIF ( thank goodness I finished!)

Today was my last day of visiting classrooms-  I showed up promptly at 8:15 only to find out that the first class wasn't scheduled untol 9:20- so I grabbed my sketchbook and sumi ink and brush and set up outside the school.  I had an hour I didn't plan on!
I used my scroll to show the kids-they told me I was awesome-they are so good for my ego!
I am done now-the kids come next week to watch the tea ceremonies-its relaxing and the tea house at the Art Complex is beautiful.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

kids and ladies

This morning I taught Japanese Tea scroll making with 6 third grade classes at the Alden School in Duxbury- its an introduction to the tea ceremony they will attend next week at the museum. Its fun to work with the kids- and talk to them about traditions and art and meditating and tea- we cover a lot in 40 minutes. 
I have 5 more classes to do tomorrow ( yikes!)

This girl was into it! She had the most animal shaped rubber bands on her wrist-( a huge fad with kids right now)

This one looks like  Miro.

I finished up the day teaching adults at the Little House of Arts in Scituate.

It was a blast!
Heres some lovely women with their fabulous creations.

I'm teaching this again on June 16- two consecutive Wednesdays- 6 PM-9 PM ( or later)
sign up here!
Little house is owned by the amazing Julie Hawkins. It  is great- so whimsical and fun. 

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


This is cut and printed from the rubber roofing scraps from the Art Complex. It's as easy as cutting butter! Here are my tools.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

more teaching

I have huge admiration for art teachers- I am  totally wiped out from being there all day- but I loved it!
I started out with pre-k doing self portraits- did a demo- this is a 5 year old's self portrait- LOVE THIS!
ALL the kids were great.
Then I demonstrated a flower painting of an iris.

The kids loved watching.
I felt like Captain Bob. Anyone remember Captain Bob?

Monday, May 17, 2010

kids art

Today I was a visiting artist at Derby Academy in Hingham.
I showed first graders my flower paintings and they painted rainforest flowers with acrylic.
I just love how kids paint- no inhibitions, no judgment- just the joy of putting  paint on paper.
Loved it.
Tomorrow I am teaching 5 other totally different lessons in one day.
This  girl was so excited about her use of lights and darks...

This one is a frog in a tree- the girl wanted it to look like the sky coming through the trees- I can see it! She left the white of the paper to show the transparancy of the blue---

The boy who painted this one had a birthday crown on! He was smiling the whole time! Oh to be 7 again...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

magnet photoshopped

Here I have layered the kids in the picture-my sister gave me a phone tutorial on how to use  the quick mask tool- thanks Bryson!
I might be tweaking further. Not sure about the font- courier- I think it looks friendly and a little retro-but I just go by instinct.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


SOS stands for "Student Outdoor Sculpture" a high school show I curate each year, together with the art teachers from several area high schools- the opening is tomorrow at The Art Complex Museum. I love what the kids come up with every year- and tomorrow as a  group  students, teachers, parents and general public will all walk around the grounds together and the kids will describe their pieces. This is my 9th year doing this- I am just getting used to having to do public speaking - but it's fun.
Here are a few of my faves-
Small Changes- Big Impact by Inly School, Scituate( cut up plastic bottles!)

 Stargazer  by Silver Lake High School ( this one is AMAZING in person)

The Road Less Traveled  by Silver Lake High School

Humphrey by Scituate High School ( how CUTE is this?)

Ophelia by Scituate High School ( love the gators!)

Soda Dragon by Silver Lake

Our Tribe by BayFarm Montessori Academy, Duxbury

Burning Man by Plymouth North High School

Height by Silver Lake-made from plastic coke bottles- lights up at night ( from last year)
The show is up till June 6- worth a visit!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Books in Bloom

Tonight I was at the opening of "Books in Bloom" at the James Library in Norwell. I interpreted the book"Water for Elephants " by Sara Gruen. I made a diorama with fabric from the dump and cardboard. sand, collage and a flashlight. It fit right into the shelf.
The "buckets" are painted medicine cups left over from Nyquil - filled with tiny flowers -and inside there is a flashlight shining on a cutout of an elephant and the inside of the tent.
My sister Bryson helped me a lot on this-it was fun!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

derby days

Each summer for the past 10 or so years I teach art at Summer Arts at Derby- a full arts day camp that takes place at Derby Academy in Hingham. It is truly a highlight of my year- I love it. There is the full gamut of things for kids to do- from theater and music to visual arts, cooking,dance, sports,writing, sewing, photography, animation, circus arts, chess-and always some new and fun offerings. I love the artists that teach there-as well as the kids! 
Every day after lunch the kids and staff perform for each other - its very exciting- the talent is unbelievable! My own kids grew up in the program and both became counselors
-it was one of the positive experiences that changed their lives.
The kids are so supportive of each other and everyone shines. 
There's still room to sign up- tell your friends who are looking for something for their kids to do this summer for the 5 weeks in July- this is a very special place for all kids who love art from age 7- 15.

This was Mystic Bowie performing for us- we had a blast that day!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

design for magnetic bookmark

I decided yesterday to do another design for the Marshfield Hills General store- I've been talking with the owner of the store about it for a while but realized Memorial Day is a great day to aim for- It's so festive there with the North River Arts Festival and the Memorial Day I am creating this design for a magnetic bookmark. I am going to use the magic of photoshop to put all the elements of this design together- I will show you how it looks all together in a day or two!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kalanchoe 9"x12" oil on canvas

This was a gift from my daughter  Maddie for Mothers day- I like the delicate pink flowers of this plant. Thank you Maddie- I love it!

Monday, May 10, 2010

"Kellie's Piano Recital'' pencil on paper

 My niece Kellie has been taking piano lessons at the James Library in Norwell with the fantastic Janna Bruene for years- Janna is a wonderful teacher. My kids also studied with her and will always love her and remember what she taught them. Music is a very important part of their lives and Janna has made it fun.
Every Mothers Day we get to sit in the lovely upper floor of the old library and listen to the pieces played by the young performers- its a highlight of the year. I am so grateful that my brother and his family live so close so I can be a part of their lives. Oh! There is a a flower here- hidden in the antique wallpapaer...somewhere...