Tuesday, March 30, 2010

(I'm no) spring chicken 6"x6: oil on panel

I am 52 years old today FITTY TWO!
Geez- thats strange- it is true- you can still feel young, but in an older body. But I am proud to be here and look forward to many more healthy years.
Thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday today- I'm far from home but coping here in Hawaii (:
I was having breakfast with my Dad and he said- "grab your camera- Jan's shearing a sheep!"
I've never seen that- so I ran out to the barn. Okay, its  cool- but actually scary -Jan did a great job wrestling the sheep and I helped by holding the sheeps  head. Its a freakin' miracle no one got hurt.
Theres a body under there!

"Where's your sweater- uh oh- am I next?"

"Well, I guess that wasn't THAT baaaaaaaaaaad...."

my Great Grandmother's painting- copy

Here is my rendition of my great grandmother painting. It was a fun thing to do, and it felt like I got to know her a little bit. There is some buckling going on - it's on a raw unstretched piece of canvas- I will try to mount it later. I hope it works.
I did a portrait commision of Nicole today- she is a friend of my Dad and Jan's- she shears sheep and has been living in a tent on their land for the winter. She is a love and her mom commisioned me to do a portrait of her.
I will post it when it is finished.
And these below are my morning figure studies from the porch.

Love these sheep! Several are pregnant. I am hoping for an easter lamb, but we will see!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Still in paradise

Its tough to take, but here I still be. Today my dad and I went to Spencer beach- it was lovely in the water- but a tad windy so we moseyed on.
We visited Mahukona where there oce was an old railroad from the plantation days.
I went into the bathroom there and saw this adorable tutu bathing suit for a Keiki 
(hawaiian for child) hanging on a hook...

Speaking of tutu here is Dad-we call him "tutu-papa" (tutu is hawaiian for grandparent)

Conveniently his name is John!
I have to admit- I keep feeling like time is going too fast and  find myself dwelling on the inevitable end of my time here- and just then I saw this message ...

And here is a "whimsical" farm painting-still unfinished- but I will share it with you anyway!


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Darrell Hill Workshop at Hill House ( his home and studio)

 It was a great day- helped Jan set up at the farmers market and started a commission for the bakery lady at the next  booth - Karen of "dancing duck"I had a chocolate almond croissant to get me going- mmmmm....
 Here's Jan in her fabulous wool  and fresh egg booth.
These are some of the lovely goods she sells there...

I left at 8:45 AM to attend the 2nd day of the workshop at Darrell Hill's house- a lovely place I could move into immediately.
After he discussed his color chart theory -which was very interesting and helpful ( great handouts too) he did a demo of a still life.

Here's what I did...I had fun doing this!

Here is the group shot after the morning session- he gave us all aprons! 

I am so glad I got to take this class- I am revved up to paint and have some new tools to put to use.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Darrell Hill Workshop at Anna's ranch

This is Anna's ranch in Waimea where the workshop was held.
Darrell Hill was the teacher. I think it was the first real bonafide grown up plein air workshop I've ever taken. The coffee and muffins were welcoming-
Always a nice touch to have a little cuppa.
First he gave us an overview of his technique and was very clear about his way not being the only way. He was humble and nice. I liked him.
HOWEVER-it would have been good to have the group introduce themselves.
I think its a good way for people to be able to break the ice. I guess he felt  there wasn't enough time, but it would have been interesting to know where  everyone was from.
Then he did a demo- 

And we crowded around to see him do this 20 minute painting.

He really knows his stuff!
Then we were told to find a spot...

This guy was good- from Reno ( I got that info on my own) and looked a little like Sean Penn ( I actually thought- is that Sean Penn? -NO WAY!) He  was a good painter.
Also had a brand new easel and I was more than  a little jealous about that!

Here's my first painting...
and my 15 minute second painting

I think this is a little vague- that' a giant hill in the background. I am not practised at painting mountains...
I learned a lot and had fun, Tomorrow we go to his studio and paint still life and apparently we get lunch! ( better be good!)
So after the farmers market set up ( 6 AM) and starting the commission for the bakery lady -I go there.
 AND I have a nice one armed farmers tan. 

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ho Hum, a Rainbow,,,

I don't think the sheep really cared- she probably sees it everyday. I wish I had a super duper camera to capture the radiance of this.

This looked like a spirit rising from the ocean. My Dad's farm is 1200 feet above sea level-so we can see 45 miles to the horizon - and it's 110 miles from side to side.
Makes for a fabulous veiw. Its wasted on these guys... but not me!
I fooled around with some sumi ink today- wasn't a big oil painting day.

Tomorrow I am taking a workshop with Darell Hill- a Big Island plein air painter.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Great Grandmother's painting

May Lillian Smith Dean was born in Bradford, England in 1863. She was the daughter of Professor Walter Smith (b. Kemerton, Glousestershire, England ). An art educator, he established  art schools in Yorkshire and Leeds, England then later came to America to establish the Massachusetts Normal School of Art (now Mass art).  He returned to Kensington where he  died in 1886. His daughter May married my great grandfather Josaih Dean in 1888. They lived in Brookline MA and summered in Cape Ann. She was 37 when she painted this painting of Anasquam Light- Her youngest of 4, my grandfather, was only 1 when she painted this.
I have been enjoying learning about my ancestors and am so thankful that my Dad and I have this time. I am copying the painting- channeling my great grandmother.
Heres something from Sunday- just as the sun came up
And I will leave you with this sweet water lily.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another Day on the Farm 8"x8" oil on canvas

This is the other side of the gate-and what you see when you pull into the driveway.
My Dad and his wife have made a tropical oasis here- I never want to leave! But it costs too much to bring all my friends and family here- so I guess not...Wait- you can all come!
Dad and Jan won't mind...
The weather has been too good to paint inside- ( is that bragging- well it does rain here- a lot) and I plan on finishing this and the others I have started- I am actually ahead!

Here is a shot of the garden the middle schoolers in Waimea (the bigger town just up the coast from here) are working on. Jan is a past board president, She told me that  Pre- World War Two Hawaii was self sufficient for food production. Then everyone began relying on imports -so now 90% of the food is imported. And it is not cheap! Actually everything is expensive here- except sunshine and the aloha spirit.
They are attempting, by teaching the kids to grow food, to change that.
I am going to do a painting of the farm to donate to the fundraiser they are having for the farm.
Here is my friend Rosie-
I love to pat her and scratch her ears. She likes me -I think...She reminds me of my dog Oliver.
I miss my dogs!

Not a bad place to hang out...
Here's one of the girls- she is so generous!

And eggs ARE good for you-even the yolks! My friend Gail TOLD me so. So eat up!

Monday, March 22, 2010

In the garden 8"x8" oil on canvas

This is Chutney- she likes to sleep on this wonderful red bridge my dad made for the water garden. ( I still have a bit to do on this!)
There are a couple of giant green frogs (one is singing exactly as I write this!) and on occasion a digusting huge jabba-the-hut toad invades and we must extricate him.
Its not because he's ugly,  but he messes up the pond. Buh-bye toad.
After a quiet morning of painting and weeding Dad and I went to the Waikoloa Village and walked around. The art collection in the promenade is awesome. Here are a few highlights.

Isn't she lovely?

Japanese tea room

The last one is a giant cloisonee enamal urn.I am inspired!
We sat and watched other people play with the dolphins. Other people willing to cough up the dough!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

and the winner is.....

I loved getting all your messages and it was great to know you are all out there.
I am so motivated by your kind and loving words of encouragement and it really keeps me going. Here is the painting- it is a 6'' x 6'' oil on panel.
proof of authenticity- Jan pulling out the name...

Congratulations Anne! Hope you like it!
Sorry everyone else.
But on the 300 I will give another one away!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

2 market day paintings 8" x 8" oil on canvas

My Stepmom Jan raises sheep for the wool ( and the lamb but I am not going to discuss that) and she sets up every Saturday at the Waimea farmers market. She also sells eggs 
( really awesome eggs from very happy chickens) It's up at 5, pack the car and get there by 6- opens at 7. I tagged along and set up my easel and painted- it was a blast! I met so many nice  peopIe- and did two paintings.

I forgot to take pics of the booth- I will next Saturday-I am going back- the bread lady next to us commissioned me to paint her booth!
Here I am in action-