Sunday, January 31, 2010

mosaic flowers 8"x10" stained glass

Today was grouting day at the mosaic workshop I taught at Oceanside Gallery .
All these fabulous women made AMAZING pieces-and for their first time it was just incredible. It was a joy to see how much love and enthusiasm was in that space this weekend.
I cant wait to do it again!
Here are some of the finished works...

( this one is still in progress)

and here's the group

AND we were serenaded by the sweet sounds of  Bob Hunter...

I hated this weekend to end.
I made new friends and completely enjoyed sharing this fun and relaxing art form.
We will be doing it again this summer for sure!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

mosaic flower 8"x10"( in progress) stained glass

Today I taught a stained glass mosaic class at Oceanside Gallery in Hull. I have not taught this art form in a while -it was pure pleasure to spend a chilly day in the warm cozy studio/gallery with 6 wonderful women. I truly enjoyed it and we all made art- I even got to do my flower!
It's an art form that is addictive, and also its really fun to do it with others.
They made lovely pieces that we will grout tomorrow. I will post all the finished works 
on tomorrows blog.
BTW - I signed the wrong date on yesterdays painting- oops!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Amaryllis 8" x 8" oil on panel

I wrapped this baby up in my "snuggie" and ran out to the studio- 13 degrees today- brrrrrrrrrrrrr. I love this plant and will keep painting it as long as I can! It is just amazing that it does what it does...thanks to my friend Kim who gave it to me- seems like months ago!

I'm sure you have not read a thing- you are probably still reeling at the fact that someone as COOL as myself would own a SNUGGIE!
but we got them as gifts from my brother and his wife and family-- sort of as a joke but let me tell you
I know I  will love my snuggie forever.
Here we all are in them on New years.

-even the dogs have them

If you are looking for something to do this weekend- you can attend the
Dang! Wish I could go....

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Amaryllis in the house 8" x 30" oil on salvaged panel

I was too afraid to try to move this out into the studio this morning so I dragged all my painting stuff into the kitchen.
The light was lovely and it was a refreshing change to be in the house.
I had to leave it midstream however- not something I like to do...

After another marathon day I finished it- or at least covered all of the panel...the light was totally different. I felt like I was more Matisse-y here....(I wish)
It will have to sit for a while and dry before I actually finish it.
I dragged everything back out to the studio tonight. Phew!
I think I will paint in the studio tomorrow...all this moving is too much work!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

altered Book-page 3- mixed media "Amaryllis"

Look what is finally  blooming!
This is an AWFUL photo, and I apologize- but under the circumstances it's the best I can do-VERY long day!
the sheep is collaged, its a Hawaiian sheep I think....(:

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

sunny starry day 12"x 12" oil on canvas

I have been meaning to finish this one for a while-felt good to work on it and it might be done. Just not sure!
I was talking on the phone with my cousin mostly while I was painting- so I wasn't really paying attention. I think my hand did it on its own.

Monday, January 25, 2010

primroses carrots and strawberries 12"x12" oil on panel

Today I knew I could delve into my subject with more time- finally a day off! I looked at Colin Page this morning while I sipped my coffee and perused the computer.  His color and handling of paint is luscious! This is a vintage tablecloth that I love. The primroses are a gift from my husband and daughter.
It was a wild and rainy day today- we must be getting the warm California rain.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Saints VS Vikings crayon on paper 15"x 16"

Patriots aren't playing so we are not too invested in this one- I personally would like the Saints to win as New Orleans has  never won the Super bowl!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

30 minute tulips 8" x 8" oil on panel

I have been thinking about balance today.
Painting an oil painting every day is tough when juggling a house, family and job, not to mention exercise and just plain relaxing.
I don't want this challenge to throw me off- I am struggling to achieve  balance.
I feel like I have been neglecting exercising- so this morning before I painted  took a power walk with my dog.
I felt good but was so much less focused and felt rushed afterwards when I sat down to paint. Interesting.
I think painting first thing is the best for  me- but I still need to get everything else in.

Last night a few of my friends came over and we made embroidered linen lavender and balsam eye pillows.
It was peaceful and fun- I transfered some of my flower paintings onto the linen.
I think we all slept pretty well last night !

Friday, January 22, 2010

altered Book-page 2 - mixed media "Monsieur?"

On Monsieur’s Departure

I grieve and dare not show my discontent,
I love and yet am forced to seem to hate,
I do, yet dare not say I ever meant,
I seem stark mute but inwardly do prate.
    I am and not, I freeze and yet am burned,
    Since from myself another self I turned.

My care is like my shadow in the sun,
Follows me flying, flies when I pursue it,
Stands and lies by me, doth what I have done.
His too familiar care doth make me rue it.
    No means I find to rid him from my breast,
    Till by the end of things it be supprest.

Some gentler passion slide into my mind,
For I am soft and made of melting snow;
Or be more cruel, love, and so be kind.
Let me or float or sink, be high or low.
    Or let me live with some more sweet content,
    Or die and so forget what love ere meant.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

White Tulips 8" x 8 " oil on panel

I put the timer on and did this in under an hour this morning before work. My friend Nancy Colella inspired  me with her one hour paintings. I managed to get to work on time and had a full, busy day.Now I am too tired to write!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Altered Book - mixed media

This is the first page of an altered book- this discarded book is titled "Monsieur".  I drew on the page - then painted over it with acrylic. I am thinking on my busy work days that I will work on filling this book with flowers. I will have fun seeing what words are written on the pages...perhaps it will direct my painting in some way.
on a side note-
I have a wonderful daybook my dear mother- in -law gave me years ago called "Simple Abundance" by Sara Ban Breathnach.
Today's page was titled "Acres of Diamonds' and beautifully mirrored how I have been feeling about my life, my daily painting practice, and my little backyard studio.
It's by Russell H. Conwell and it is very well known. I just thought I would share it with you.
A Persian farmer named Ali Hafed sold his farm and left his family to travel the world in search of diamonds. He looked everywhere but could not find the diamonds he lusted after. Finally, alone and in despair as a homeless pauper, he ended his own life. His search for riches had consumed him. In the meantime, the man who had bought his land from Hafed was grateful for every blade of grass that was now his and lavished love and hard work on his farm. At night, surrounded by his family and eating the fruits of his labor, he was a contented man. Finally one day he made a remarkable discovery. In the backyard that Ali Hafed had abandoned was a diamond mine- literally an acre of diamonds. The simple man became wealthy beyond his wildest dreams. 
Sara writes " We all have an acre of diamonds waiting to be discovered. We all have a place from where to begin. Let your imagination soar, for it is your souls blueprint for success. On the Simple Abundance path you will discover that your own opportunity for personal success, authentic happiness and financial security is as close as your own back yard."

I just loved reading this today!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Shirley Temple 8"10" (work in progress) oil on panel

This is from an old photograph of my daughter Markie- taken at a restaurant in Florida ( I think). Its probably from about 13 years ago. She is now studying in London for the spring semester- interior design at Syracuse University. my oh my - how time just flies!

Went to see the movie "Avatar" today- it was pure mindless entertainment- fun to watch. Matinees are the best!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Slushy day carnations 8"x8" oil on panel

I had a nice dinner last night at my house and these carnations were on my table.
I stuck a few geranium leaves in the bowl to fill them out a little.
Lovely day in the studio-was in there all day and my neighbor Tori came over with her beading and we drank two pots of tea and did art. It was wonderful.
Winter is great that way- no need to be anywhere else!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Boots in Corner 3" x 5" pencil on paper

I did this sketch of my daughters boots and flowery rug- it was a full Sunday with no time for studio. I do love to draw though.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Catherine( work in progress )8"x10" oil on canvas-board

I had the WEIRDEST dream last night- I dreamed I met Martha Stewart, got to go into her house, then I proceeded to cut her digital camera into chunks on a band saw. I panicked- I really didn't mean to- and was mortified when I realized what I had done!
Martha's assistant was really mad at me!
Man- whats up with that one?

Heres what I did today-

I MIGHT be done- not sure- but feels close.
Capturing a likeness is really hard, I think I will paint some flowers tomorrow!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Nice Shirt! 8" x10" watercolor on paper

I painted this one with black watercolor during one of the visits the Duxbury senior center makes to the museum with the early Alzheimer group- the pattern was on a shirt worn by one of the volunteers. They were painting, and I joined in.
There are patterns everywhere!
This week I attended the Boston premier of "I Remember Better When I Paint"
at Boston University.
It was a beautiful documentary about how art is beneficial to people living with
 Alzheimer's disease.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Catherine( work in progress )8"x10" oil on canvas-board

I did some more tweaking here- her face was too wide and too red- I really like doing these but not sure it's my calling-I hope to get it done in one more session.
Here is another sign for the times, saw this on my way to the dump this morning. I often find great things there-but lately its been bleak and scarce- no good stuff. I was feeling like I was losing faith in my dump picking karma....
but THEN I saw THIS -

I found a book on gardening and a sheet of curious george stickers!
oh yeah - I got rid of stuff too.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Narcissus 8" x 8" oil on canvas-board

These paperwhites are filling up the studio with its pungent smell.
My husband ordered them out of the house-he can't take it. I don't mind them, but they absolutely command the olfactory senses!
My camera is hiding from me in - so I have been using my phone for these photos-
not great but it works in a pinch!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

School visit and a little work on Catherine( work in progress 8"x10" oil on canvas-board

Today I visited the South River Elementary school in Marshfield and did a little talk about art with the kids there- I was alongside artists Kari O'Donnell, Jill Campobasso and Laura Harvey. We talked about about our work and showed examples ,
The kids were wonderful and asked a lot of good questions-"how long did it take?" " What if you can't think of anything" and my favorite "how old are you?"
Anyway it was fun.
I didn't get to paint today but I put a glaze over Catherine's face here.
It seemed to need some warmer tones.
I hope to finish this one up soon.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Home Decorating

I never made it out to the studio today- I had a project to finish.. and with the help of my daughter - an interior design major at Syracuse - and my Dad and husband who built it-we turned this corner into a cool sitting area!

Winnie is sad- its not done yet!

Oh yes! Much better!

And yes- I did a flower today!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Catherine( work in progress 8"x10" oil on canvas-board

Still working on this-its really hard to get the freshness of a  young face-but it's coming along...
Another art with kids day- this time at the Art Complex. It was" fun with watercolors" - Katherine Schmidt did a nice demo.

It was a lot of fun- after it was over I got to paint too!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Children's Art Day at North River Arts Society

Today was the annual Children's Art Day at the local art center- its a fun time for kids.I had started this canvas with kids on the street at the Memorial Day Art Festival last spring and it was getting really good

but then a huge black cloud showed up and POURED on our parade.
I threw the canvas and paints into the garage and forgot about it. At the end of that day a giant rainbow appeared behind the houses- magical!

Today I pulled the canvas out of storage  and instead of whiting it out I had the kids keep going.

Here is is-lovely!
 It was fun to see the kids paint and love the feeling of paint sliding onto  the canvas- free and with out any boundaries.

then one girl got crazy! She was having SO much fun I didn't want to stop her...

But I had to! The whole painting would have disappeared.
This was my art today- never got out to the studio- but I DID paint with the kids and there IS a flower there- honest!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Cutie patootie Work in progress-8"x10" oil on canvasboard

Once a month at the museum we have a program for moms and their little ones- they come for a story, art and snack. I feel old and grandmothery already- I just adore these little ones! This girl Catherine was quite willing to pose for me and I have decided to paint
her . Of course there is a flower- her plastic barrettes!
Here is the beginning drawing...

then I started painting (sorry-glare)

and here is where I needed to stop for the morning

WOW those eyes are blue! I will keep at it and we will see.
Heres a shot of my studio...

These are all iphone pics by the way....

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Right Handed paperwhites 8" x 10" oil on canvasboard

I did this one with my right hand ( I am left handed)
I am thinking about my friend Kate- my friend who had the brain tumor removed in October. She is doing well and at home, but her right hand is slow to recover(she is right handed). I think alot about how I would deal with this as an artist and not being able to use my left hand.
It wasn't easy to open up the tubes and I managed to spill something and it was a little frustrating to get used to moving my brush and my arm got tired but I like how loose the flowers are - maybe I should keep doing this.