Tuesday, August 31, 2010

#341 Rose of Madeline (sharon) 9"x12" oil on panel

Today is Maddie's  ( my daughter in Charleston) 19th birthday.
Every August the tree outside her window is in bloom- we dubbed it the rose of Madeline.
This is the first time I haven't been with her for her day, sigh.
She is having a great time there- and I'm so glad.
I started this blog exactly a year ago yesterday- and I will be done soon.
I plan to continue on a regular basis-and blog about it- but will paint whatever I feel like-maybe even flowers!

Monday, August 30, 2010

#340 I'm Baaaack!

I took a break. Last week was tough- I really didn't like the first day of "empty nest syndrome". It felt like summer abruptly crashed to an end, and the motherhood part of life was over. Yet, its just a new chapter and I know the kids will return. They are both happy and where they want to be.  I  went out painting after work both Thursday and Friday of last week and caught the beautiful peach-colored 5 o'clock light. This is Bumpus park in Duxbury- lots of girls were having their senior portraits taken as I was painting- of course that made me a little melancholy.
Life goes on, kids grow up, yet the little miracles are all still there. The poignancy of these passages gets you right in the throat. Just breathe and keep on swimmin, swimmin.
Today summer returned- it was hot! I had a great afternoon lolly- gagging around my yard with my wonderful sister in law Karen , niece Miki , and mom in law. It was peaceful  and relaxing. Finished the day with a walk on the beach with Winnie and a crisp cold glass of chardonnay on my good  friends deck.
Life is good.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

taking a little break

I am going to take a few days off to clean my house and studio and adjust to not having my kids in the house.
I will continue soon- everyone have a great weekend!
I will leave you with this picture of Winnie- she is waiting for me to get back to painting!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

#339 Button and bead necklaces

Today was packing day for my older daughter- my house is chaos. She leaves tomorrow.
I am not sure what to do with myself today-can't seem to focus on art.
Tomorrow I might be painting an empty nest. It's a strange feeling-an adjustment for sure.
Thought I would post these necklaces I made on the Charleston trip- I love to make stuff in the car! The one with green leaves are made with recycled laundry detergent bottles...
If you are interested in one of these I can send you a picture of it on a model so you can see the length. $40 -free s&h

Monday, August 23, 2010

#338 On my windowsill, Maddie's Mum, oil on birch panel 6"x6"

A few months ago I found a collection of  8 old bottles at the Duxbury dump ( they call it the "mall" in Duxbury!) and I lined then up on my kitchen windowsill. They are lovely shades of  light blue and green. I  put a single blossom in each one- this spider mum was a gift to Maddie the final night of the musical at camp almost a month ago- its fading- but I love the way it looked this morning with the green blue rainy light of the back yard behind it- so I got my easel and painted it inside.
We are having a few days of much needed rain and its amazing how my mood changes-it reminded me of last summer and how it rained so much- it was a challenge for us New Englanders who wait all yea for the summer- I found this poem I had written on my computer so I thought I would share it with you.

What the weather taught me- June 2009

Here it is the middle of June
and I can't shake this feeling of doom.
Expecting warmth and lots of sun,
instead we face this dark monsoon

My spirits sag with every drop,
I feel the mood around me flop.
I’m sick of being in the house,
and wish this endless rain would stop

But what I've learned is loud and clear,
that in the moment I am here.
My expectations need to change
and accept the life that I have near.

Maybe I am a better painter than a poet- but I was moved to write this- We were all struggling with it- a lot of people were very depressed! But the lesson is to accept, and we did- no other choice to make. And the sun did come out- eventually!
What a difference a year makes...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

#337 Day - Tarot pick 8"x8" acrylic on canvas board

Al drove us back last night- straight thru from Charleston- a whopping 16 1/2 hour drive. Needless to say we were a little tired today.
Lots of emotions-leaving my youngest down there was really hard, and yet I am so excited and happy for her in her new adventure- and Charleston is a really cool place.
I cleaned the studio a little trying to find inspiration  and landed on my tarot deck- decided to paint what was inspired by this card -the Ace of Wands,
Its got a bit of a glare as I finished it at night while my dinner was cooking.
The card means this-

using creative force

inventing a better way
expanding your potential
opening to greater possibilities
conceiving a dream
expressing yourself
stimulating your imagination
allowing a talent to unfold
coming up with a solution.

Pretty cool- I will take it! Is this for her or for me? Maybe both!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

College of Charleston trip

I bet you are wondering where I've been!
My youngest is entering into the freshman class at the College of Charleston- we drove down on Tuesday- stopping first at Jane Filers beach house in Oak Island.
It was amazing for me to see her stuff in person- like the first visit I made to the MOMA.
Jane and her husband John are the warmest, friendliest and totally fun people I have met in a long time.
They fed us well and showered us with Southern hospitality. We painted a bit together out on her screen porch ) it was HOT!) and had a bike ride to the ocean and swam,. The water was HOT! Her work inspires me so much- and she let me play with all her colors.
She primed a panel for me and everything! I made kind of a mess but had a blast doing so.
I was just painting what popped out of the canvas- and responding to her piece here.

Here's jane 

We left there in the afternoon and made our way to the college- moving in was extremely chaotic -and it is hot and humid here! but now she's in her dorm.
She won't meet her 3 suite-mates till Saturdays- unfortunately we won't be here to meet them .

Gorgeous campus-
and here is our girl

Bye Mom- I'll miss you! ( ya right)

I will resume the blog when I return on Saturday. Getting close to 365!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


My sisters shower went off beautifully today-everything went so well and flowed perfectly.
I can't paint today- I am SO tired- but I did make 30 of these little flowers for the AMAZING cupcakes by Roberts Roost  of Marshfield. ( to DIE for- especially the red velvet!)

so- does this count as a flower?

Here are some more shots of the day.

oh the cupcakes...

Winnie was a big star today- she loves girls.
and here is the after shot of Markie- my chief cook and bottle-washer-I  could not have done this with out her and Maddie!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

party prep

My sister is getting married next month- tomorrow we are hosting her bridal shower.
Looks like the weather is cooperating and my sister in law, mother in law, husband and two daughters and I whipped the house and yard into shape. I have the BEST family!
We are so excited for this party!
One of the dishes we are serving is roasted veggies- my daughter arranged this from the ingredients.
Maybe I'll paint tomorrow BUT I DOUBT IT.

teaching the camp kids

Today I toured 21 kids from Camp Wing in Duxbury around the Museum, and gave them the materials to paint their own plein air painting.
I have to say- these kids were fantastic. Middle school age. Great kids!
They truly enjoyed the museum and studied the paintings with quiet concentration. I loved listening to them talk about what was their favorites and why. We painted outside- the weather was perfect- sunny and dry. Here are a few of the things that happened.

this kid HATED his- I love it...

I think they liked having to mix the primary colors and painting on the yellow ground.
I learned a lot about teaching too- being prepared is key!
I spent the rest of the day running around preparing for the wedding shower I am hosting for my sister Bryson on Sunday- but spent 15 minutes on my flower.
Not a a masterpeice by any stretch, but I loved the little bit of time spent painting.

My impatiens.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

the painting lesson- acrylic on board 10"x10"

I painted this one after lunch today- want to have a couple of demos to show the kids.
This is what I was looking at-

Again its  the 3 colors and white only. The darkest dark is sort of purply.
Heres the prepared panels for the kids- 29 of them are coming!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Humarock morning 12"x12" Oil on canvas

I got up at 5:30 this Am and met my pal Nancy for an early morning painting session.
We were lucky- the clouds lifted and we caught some nice light. It hard to choose what to paint- I figured I would portray  the space between these houses- and the car that was  there drove away as I was painting it.
 I whipped this off quickly- I kept thinking about the breakfast we were going to get at the Sands End cafe across the street.
Later, at work, I prepared for a painting lesson that I am planning for campers visiting the museum on Friday. I am showing the middle school age kids (from Camp Wing in Duxbury ) the American paintings in the gallery and doing a short demo.  I will give them each a primed panel and 3 acrylic colors ( yellow, red and blue) and white -and hopefully they will successfully paint a landscape.
Heres the inspiration from our collection

This is my painting of the garage at the museum using the three colors and white.

How can I not love a job that makes me have to do a painting?
I plan on doing another one tomorrow!
One last thing- my stepmother in Hawaii sent this- it is VERY worth watching!
All about fitting creativity into our lives- so fitting...click 

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

backyard Hydrangeas

This painting changed a bit- I finished it as I was eating my supper and the last rosy rays were perched on the edge of the chair and on the trees.
I spent the good part of the day assembling IKEA furniture- I got my HEMNES put together last night with my daughter  (she did it really-took up about 3 hours- if you have ever assembled IKEA furniture you know what I mean) ) - then today I assembled the EDIT and the ORGEL and the FELICIA and the ANIA.
(I actually  got a media console,  a lamp, shams and a throw and a rug- love the Swedish names for the stuff) Love my newly freshened up tv room! 

Monday, August 9, 2010

hydrangea in my yard- by me and markie acrylic 9"X12"

The colors are way off here (night photo)- I will re-photograph tomorrow- this is one of the heavenly
blue purple hydrangeas from my yard.
I finished the vase and was planning to crop it onto a square, but my daughter Markie painted in the chair that was in the background while I was in the house- I like it!
Its a little bit odd, which is how I feel today.
I hope to finish it tomorrow.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Oliver, 10 x 10 colored pencil on museum board

I want to add a bit more to the border but here is my portrait of my boy.
Thanks again for all your wonderful emails and messages.
Kelley MacDonald reminded me of how he peed on the Rockland studio floor-  with total nonchalance and panache, and I also recall a terrible incident when he ran over to a lady sitting and reading at Humarock beach and peed on the back of her chair!
Luckily she never knew- whew! 
There were several times when he ingested forbidden foods- Maddie's ENTIRE valentine Whitman sampler, we had to "hydrogen peroxide" them up . Once he ate a huge bag of Mike and Ike's. And another time an complete dozen beautifully decorated Ukrainian easter eggs. RAW EGGS!
Oh yes- and the half of a  chocolate sheet cake for my stepdads 90th birthday.
Arriving home one evening we knew he'd been rifling around in one of the girls purses because he was walking around with the purse strap wrapped around his neck! 
He loved to ride in the  front basket of my bike on Block Island, people pointed and waved at us when they saw that.
He was a food obsessed guy for sure, but he was my best buddy and I miss him just awful. .I could go on and on.
I am thankful for my other little bratty 4 year corgi Winnie- she is a huge help. One must have a furry being to cuddle and love, in my book. 

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Goodbye to a dear friend

Today was the hardest day I've ever faced- we made the decision to help take our sweet old boy to heaven. He was with us for almost 15 years. He is forever part of our family and completely woven into our memories. He went peacefully and sweetly- at home by the waterfall to beautiful music. I buried him in the woods behind the pond and left a marker, a mosaic stepping stone made
at camp this summer.
There is a rose and also a heart shaped rock I found at Humarock beach- a place we loved to go together.
I will miss him terribly- I have a large hole in my heart, but time will heal.
I went to work today and started this colored pencil portrait of him, I will finish this tomorrow. Thank you for all the kind emails and phone calls,flowers and hugs. This blog has connected me with so many wonderful people, your comments and messages have been wonderful. It started out as a way to challenge myself to paint everyday, and has transformed into so much more.

Friday, August 6, 2010

my old friend

Oliver is not feeling very well lately, but he still wears a smile on his sweet face.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

evening delight and domestic goddess

Tonight was a lovely evening at my friends beach house for the girls just wanna paint challenge group , this is the back view of the river- the reflections in the window make for a dramatic sunset! ( the ocean is behind me-) and we also celebrated a couple of birthdays
Here is the card I made for my friend Paula...

She is wire and beads and other things attached to the card.
there is a flower there- ummmmm, somewhere in the gingham skirt maybe?
This is how an Iphone photo taken at night looks...):

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


watercolor on a wordless Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Finally the prints are ready- I spent a good part of the day today pulling all the pieces together . We wanted to make a splash and have a good selection.
This weekend is Scituate Harbor Heritage Days and it was a good reason to get my prints down to this wonderful shop called Joye owned by my friend Nancy Levanchy. There are several to choose from - $39. each.

The cutest shop ! Tons of great stuff for gifts.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Winnie and Ollie ,8"x8' acrylic on panel

I think I am done- at least its good enough to put up on the Girls Just Wanna Paint blog.
I love my dogs and was so glad to capture them in my favorite place.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

fin FUR or feather 8"x8" acrylic on panel (In progress)

Today was blissful- a lovely clear and dry sunny Sunday- perfect.
I took my two dogs to the creek and shot a bunch of photos- this one is for my group challenge.
Winnie is in the foreground and Oliver ( who needs more work) is the one behind.
He is 14, Winnie is 4.  Corgis.