Sunday, June 30, 2019

Girls Just Wanna Paint challenger- "Maine"

This is an acrylic done from a photo I shot last year up on Gott's Island. I tried to keep it simple- It's on a black primed canvas  12 "x 24".
See all the other Maine paintings here!
We are celebrating our 10 year anniversary of this challenge group. Some very special peeps have been and are still part of this group.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Road Trip!

I just returned last week from a fun-filled 9 day road trip with my awesome friend Laura Harvey. We went to spend time in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, at Artist Lynn Nash's. We stayed for 3 nights in her beautiful guest house, called Libby's house. Her husband's Aunt Libby had the little ramshackle house, bought for $35.00, moved onto the spectacular property on the river in the 30's. Now it has been added to and renovated into a lovely guest house. We spent a few days relaxing, painting, reading and exploring. Lynn's family welcomed us with open arms and fed us a couple of delightful dinners. So nice!
We then trekked ( And Lynn drove separately) to the amazing Jane Filer's beach house in Oak Island, NC. We spent 4 more nights there, and painted our brains out- with intervals of swimming and exploring. I made a mosaic to leave at the beach house. I also delivered a larger mosaic I had made as a  barter with Jane for a special framers tool. Our friend Michele Yellin also met us there. We all set up studios in the area under Jane's house to paint off and on all day and night- what a blast!
The drive was long, but Laura and I never ran out of topics to discuss, and solved some of the worlds problems as well!
traffic wasn't too bad...( notice the license plate)
the view from Libby's


Sugar, Lynns sweet doggie
Oak Island beach -warm water!

Jane talking to Laura about her work...

the walkway to the beach...

my plein air attempt one hot morning.

our pop up studio!
Janes work in progress,

she has a deadline!

                                                           her work is so inspiring.

Started some stuff...
Michelle work in progress.
Lynn was trying to finish this one.
Sorry I didn't get any of Laura's collages!
And here are the mosaics.

It was a wonderful adventure!