Thursday, May 30, 2013

Nancy Colellas class

I took a "back to basics" class with Nancy Colella at the South Shore Art Center.on Cohasset. I learned a lot about  values and painting- something I do struggle with. Nancy is a great teacher! Very organized, lots of clear information and handouts . She is funny too! Each week had a different theme.  She gives demos at  every class. It was so fun to meet the other students and we all had a blast!

Week one- still life- painting in the darks first. ( I was using acrylics.)

Week two- painting from photos- again- seeing all the dark shapes and laying them in right away.
Nancy taught us about what photos work best for paintings- she took this one.
( I missed a week when I was away)
Week three- we used our own photo( still working on this one- portrait of my kids)
Week four-
Again using her photo
On the last week we did"pattern " painting and used a still life set up as well as a photo of Nancy's poppies. The concept is to use flat color, strong outlines and no light and shadow.
We talked about Milton Avery and other western artist who used Japanese woodblock prints as inspiration.

I highly recommend this class to any level of painter.
I am still painting my gratitudes-but my commissions are taking president over them at the moment- and I am very grateful for the work!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Gratitude # 123 and Im demoing mosaic today!

My lilacs have already come and gone- that first smell of these flowers is like none other- I can't get enough of the heavenly scent.
We planted these when we bought our little house 21 years ago. Time flies!
This is the weekend of the North River Arts Festival in Marshfield Hills.
It may not be the brightest sunshiney weekend but no matter- there's music and food and lots of art and craft and photography to see! The juried show is awesome- lots of great art !
We New Englanders are a hardy bunch and the chowder and chili is delicious!

I'll be there (somewhere near the music!) working on my Amelia Earhart piece for the upcoming mosaic show at the Fuller Craft  Museum from 2-5. PM. Come say hi and break a piece of glass with me!


Thursday, May 23, 2013

gratitude #122

I love these flowers- they are from my husbands mothers mothers garden.
Flowers link us to our past.
Last weekend on Nantucket was a blast. 
We saw the coolest rainbow- circling the sun- apparently there were sightings of it in Marshfield as well!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Gratitude # 121

I love me my espresso.

I make it on the stove and froth my skim milk with my 2.99 Ikea frother.
My trick is- froth the milk in the mug cold (1 percent or skim works better for frothing)- microwave for 35 seconds and pour the espresso into the mug right over the milk.
heaven! Try to make a heart shape for a little extra lovin.

                                                      No need for a fancy machine here!

I'm still WAY too busy for words- with my commissions and work and other volunteer things. I've also been invited to be in an upcoming mosaic exhibit at the Fuller Museum. I want to try to keep painting my gratitudes however- I definitely missed the ritual and the thinking up of gratitudes..
I just have to make the paintings a little more simple to save time.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Gratitude #120

I'm in Nantucket . Never have been here before - and it is truly looks like a movie set!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Gratitudes on Hold

I am very grateful for the three commissions I have- and all the stuff going on in my job-and yet overwhelmed.. I am going to have to put my gratitude project on hold for a while- I need to use my clear morning time to tackle the deadlines.
I'll post soon!

Gratitude # 119

Another rescued item from the barn sale.These little things help a lot when sewing...
not that I do much of that...
It was tough to see a few things leave the barn at the sale- but mostly it was joyful!
People love a good barn sale.
We still have items that we are getting values on- next sale is June 8. Then it's to the dump!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Gratitude #118

                                                         Happy Mothers Day!

No one is around today for Mothers day in my house today  but my sister is here and it's lovely to have some sister time.
I rescued this tray (below) in her barn sale stuff- it was my grandmothers tray. I set it up on my bed. I do remember wonderful Mothers days with my husband and kids making pancakes and bringing it to me in bed. Queen for a day!
The barn sale was fun but totally exhausting. 
I look forward to gardening and painting today!

Saturday, May 11, 2013


a reminder to come visit me at
440 spring street Marshfield
7-2 today
rain or shine
man o man we got a lotta stuff!
We are having a second sale on June 8 for the more collectable and antique things.

there's an estate sale going on down the street today  too!
                                                                         my helper!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Gratitude #117

These trees line many of  the streets of Charleston and are all over the south.
Such beautiful , graceful, romantic trees. This one was just outside my room where I stayed. I enjoyed my coffee on the terrace while painting this.
While I was there the Today show visited Charleston and my daughter Maddies acapella group had a tiny spot! Very exciting.
To see the spot click here

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Gratitude #116

Purging and clearing the decks is a great, but can be a difficult process.
Letting go. Letting. Letting go.
SO.... We are having a  HUGE barn sale!

440 Spring Street
Marshfield 7 AM-2 PM

we got LOTs of stuff from artsy to antique - great prices!
LOADs of books....bric -a-brac ( love that word!)
Hope you can come by!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Gratitude # 115

I got a pedicure right before I left for Charleston. I am in love with my toes now. My feet? Not so much the look of them but they are mine and they get me around so I am GRATEFUL for them too.

I hate the part when they scrub the bottoms of my feet. IT TICKLES!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Gratitude # 114

I was so very lucky to be invited to the beach house of Jane Filer. the house is on the coast of North Carolina and the beach there is just lovely. Another artist, Michele Yellin, was there as well and let me tell you it was all kinds of fun. We rode Janes beach bikes down to the water every day, and there was a wildlife rehabilitation center right on the edge of the beach. I got to look at 3 owls up close. Breathtaking.
Jane makes amazing heads for her art openings-  her paintings come to life.
We each made a head and made a little film- destined to win at Sundance (no doubt) when its done I'll post it on the blog.

Jane and Michele

NOT Janes house but I like the color!

Heres the owl

and his friends...

How Jane starts - theres a bike helmet underneath!

in progress

our heads drying. Mine is upper left



mine in progress

the amazing Jane

                                                                  The finished heads.
                                                   I have all sorts of ideas to make more!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Gratitude #113

This just happened to be my view out of the Starbucks window on Calhoun Street - I painted this while my gitls were getting ready to go to dinner.. Maybe not exactly the pretty picturesqueness everywhere but certainly still very Charleston.
 I love the shops and galleries - and great  farmers market too! We dined at some wonderful restaurants- Panne Vino and sat at the outside bar, Sermets on King, 5 Loaves on Coming Street, breakfast at Cavier and Bananas, and lunch at Magnolias on East Bay (missed lunch at S.N.O.B. (next time!)

 Loved these leather posies at the market-
and these mosaics were cool

There was a dog show going on!



We were so lucky and happy to meet up with my husbands sister Kathie and her husband! We walked to the battery with their dog...
Markie, Kathie and Maddie

The Meeting Street inn was charming and sweet


A mosaic in King Street Starbucks- painted paper and canvas bits mounted on canvas!

and my Instagram view of the Cistern Yard....

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Gratitude # 112

 I have flying dreams a lot! But they don't involve planes. It is the perfect opportunity to practice acceptance and detachment- being around disgruntled and  delayed passengers is indeed a challenge.
It's pretty darn amazing to get  someplace so quickly- I am grateful for that!
Luckily my flights were all pretty much uneventful and close to being on time.I barely made a connection in Atlanta last night , but I made it!
I had a wonderful trip to Charleston- lots off paintings and photos to post in the next few days.
Such a lovely place.
I am glad to be home.