Saturday, March 31, 2012


 Today was great- windy but sunny and beautiful. Went to Hawi and this is a panoramic I stitched (badly) on photoshop.Kauiahai is in the the VOG (volcano smog)

Hiked down to Pololu valley- it was amazing down there!

This is a little inland lake in the valley. I kept thinking about Tsunamis ...but what are the odds...

These horses totally couldn't care less about the million dollar view.
Here is my painting ...finished this morning,

"Beach 69" ( named for the #69 telphone pole)

Are you wondering about the lost puppy?
I slept with the puppy last night-otherwise he would have cried all night. Roxie joined in I was in dog heaven ( but didn't sleep a wink)
I took him to the vet this morning to be scanned for a microchip.
No chip in him, and no one was looking for a cute little shitzu.( not shiatzu!)
The vet thought he had parvo- a  puppy virus that can be fatal - so they kept him and probably the humane society will take him after that. My guess he will be euthanized. 
Oh dear- life keeps rolling around....
So that is it for tonight and I will be back tomorrow.

what a day!

I volunteered at the school garden today- we painted a wheelbarrow. It was fun to work with the the kids. Amanda, the garden  teacher, really is amazing with the kids. They love her!
They start the session with a 2 minute silence and when they gather for circle time they report observations found in the garden. They are focused and seemed eager to do the varied garden tasks. I am inspired - the garden is beautiful!

Flowers, rainbows and surfing- what else!

They also painted the inside... 

Here they are digging a trench for the new chicken coop (my Dad is building that)

Amanda teaching.Then, later in the afternooon- big surprise- this puppy wandered on to the farm. I think it is a Shiatzu. He was wet, scared and limping. I am bringing him to the vet tomorrow see if he is microchipped and hope to find his owner. Otherwise I might have to bring him home and give him to one of my friends! He is VERY cute.

He is asleep in my lap right now.I would keep him but my dog Winnie would HATE him and try to eat him.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

A beautiful morning.

Collected eggs...

visited the horses

the horses are beautiful.

I was inspired by a card I copied it..

Marveled at dad's organized tool area.

and finished the gopi dancer painting.
I have 5 pieces in South Shore Art Center opening tomorrow
"Suddenly Spring"
I won't be there so if you do go please send me a picture!
I'm in my last week of my visit here. I am trying not to be sad...its so absolutely beautiful here-yet coming home is also great.
And I know I will return!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


 We had to do a Costco run to Kona today. Stuff is very pricey here, as is gas- so a 1 1/2 hour run to buy supplies is a good idea.This is a nice pastoral view of Mauna Kea on route to Waimea.
 The lava graffiti on the way back- the ever rearranged white coral on the black lava.
Stopped at Waikaloa resort for an ice cream and watched this bird hanging out on the koi pond.
I thought he was fake!

My loose painting of the courtyard pond.

and a morning watercolor sketch off the deck.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

tuesday on the farm

It is so nice to wake up and see the sun. 
The rain comes and goes, as we are on the rainy side of the big island, but we can drive to the sunny-side and "go beach".
I'm almost in my third week here- time has rolled ahead, as it always does. I'm in a nice rhythm here and would like to stay longer, but I am missing my homies, and my dog!
This amaryllis is blooming outside Joanna's house. 
So nice!

Dad is building a gate, and Roxie is testing the seat in the John Deere tractor.
This is a baby pineapple behind the garage... not gonna get to eat this one I'm afraid...

Beach action today...and below are sketchbook drawings .

Monday, March 26, 2012

more sheep and Abington mosaic progress!

Thank you everyone for your sweet messages regarding Louise.
This is Gardenia nursing Gigi- the lambs are getting so big! In the evening the lambs love to romp around and play. It's truly  joyful.

 I painted this on the side of the barn 3 years ago. Its a bit faded but still looks pretty good!
I am SO proud of the Arts Council in Abington. Helene DiCarlo spearheaded this project. They meet in a basement and work on this together. To see the progress is makes me happy. Its my design but they own it. Each little piece .

 The middle panel.
 The panels that will hang on either side of that one.
What a wonderful addition this will be  to the town hall in Abington.
It will look amazing when its all grouted! Great job guys!

Pancake Sunday

My Dad has pancakes every Sunday and today I got to make them...not as good as Jan's but they were good enough. We had good news and bad news today. Joanna found my glasses in the pasture- the goat didn't eat them- luckily...but the bad news is that  Louise had to be euthanized today, she was in a lot a lot of pain with ketosis and her lamb was stillborn.This is why I probably will not be a professional farmer-it's too sad for me. 
I am glad there are lots of lambs jumping around out there still...
Rest in peace dear Louise.
I finished this painting of the misty meadow...not sure if I should put the wires in the fence or not...
And here is the gate with the passionflower trellis and the dye shed in the background.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Errands today in Waimea, and just a little bit of painting today. I forgot to photograph my paintings before it got dark. I managed to misplace my glasses somewhere- my fear is that I dropped them when I was taking pictures of the goats- they are very friendly and distracted me by  trying to eat my vine charcoal . I  really hope they didn't eat my glasses! I didn't realize I wasn't wearing them until much later. Hmm...
Louise is still not looking too well- I picked up some syringes at the vet supply for her today and hopefully with treatment she will be okay. While I was in the supply shed we had an earthquake- a pretty good one. It happens a lot here, but still it was a little freaky!
 This painting is at Dad and Jan's friend Carol's awesome house- way up mauka- done by her aunt.I dropped off some papers for Dad and we had a nice cuppa tea together.
I love the vibrant colors in this painting. Its just a part of a very large canvas..
 This tree is outside Carols house. Jungle- ee!

 This is who might have eaten my glases( gosh I sure hope not!)

Who me?

A reader asked permission to paint from one of my photos.I sure appreciate being asked- but I am
totally fine with that! Anyone can paint from them!

Friday, March 23, 2012


 The gulch is on the other side of the fence in the pasture. Its deep and lush. I went there this morning to paint. There is a spirit there- you can feel it . I don't have my ipod this time and I'm kind  of glad- I feel more in tune with all the sounds of nature around me.
                These guys are really good company- and they love to tease Roxie...
                                           Oh, Roxie....

                    The chickens! Laying eggs, so cool that they can do that.
                        Louise, below. She might be sick. Worriesome.
                             Here is the movie theater in downtown Honokaa.
                              This is the road up mauka (mountain) to the farm.
                                            This is the sign at the gate...
The ever lovely courtyard. I can't get enough of this.
                                     A rainbow to end the day. Ahhh life.
My painting of the gulch.