Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Isle Mujeres Part 3

This is the last post of Mexico. Our wonderful hosts, the Bacon family, were just fantastic!  Marnie's yoga classes were restorative as always but to be in that envrionment was transformative. Her classes are just lovely.  I learned a lot too- each day was themed...I even made the chanting meditation on the last day and so glad- I hope to do more of that.  Marnie's parents (who have come every year to this beautiful island for 35 years now) made sure we were all situated and were there for anything we needed- they also organized a snorkeling trip and golf cart tour and lunch all of which were a blast! 
I am so grateful to them and for having had this experience.

I love the colors of Mexico!

I tried sketching this- it was a challenge to find spots to perch....

This plant nursery was behind the hotel .

Can't beat the beaches there...

We visited a Turtle farm where turtles are hatched and brought up to be released into the ocean...

Love religious stuff - not that I am religious but I do love churches and statuary)

This is me on the very most Southern part of the island- lots of rusty sculptures there - and a Mayan ruin at the tip- it's the place to see the sun rise (I'm told!)

Our group at lunch in a fun Cuban restauant right on the lagoon- hats off to our waiter who handled 18 of us wonderfully) It was DELICIOUS

The fish was super fresh- he showed it to us in the bucket before it was grilled.

Me on left, Jayne and Leslie- new friend!
Sandy Bacon ( Marnies beautiful Mum- photo by Marnie)

Deb and Jayne- amazing sky!

Love hibiscus flowers- falling at my feet...
Roberto and Sandy! (Marnie sent me this picture I love it!)

Live music on the ferry-
At the Airport. 
Thanks for looking. I must say- blogging is about sharing of course- but doing this is also a record for me as well- I will forget too soon!
I am home now trying to figure out how to make my house more colorful. 

Monday, February 27, 2017

I met these two cutie pies while I was painting along the sea wall walkway.We didn't speak the same language- but communicated pretty well.

I did a sketch here- anabandoned courtyard.

Hurricanes left a lot of damage and some people, unable to afford to rebuild, had to walk away from their homes forever.

Cant get enough Caribbean blue!

The Maleacon

This is the gate to an artist's house I met- and some of his works.

Loved his collages - fused fabrics and paper and canvas and paint.

This sculpture greets passers by.


boarded up stuff

Had to take this touristy shot!

Outside the hotel- Mayan art

Down the street from the Hotel

A scene I sketched- perhaps to paint bigger. I will post my art next time.I didn't get too many paintings...
More to come!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Isle Mujeres Part 1

I'm back from a lovely 6 day retreat on the beautiful Isle Mujeres ( Island of Women) off the coast of Cancun. Marnie Bacon hosts a wonderful yoga retreat. lots of yoga, meditation, R and R ( and margaritas- a perfect blend)
...there were 18 of us- mostly from Marshfield and Duxbury. Funny smart women! Made new friends! Marnie's yoga classes each had a theme and it was beautiful in the thatched treehouse!
I bunked with these awesome chicks!
Deb, Me and Jayne- selfie on the Ferry!

First morning on the beach- I attempted to paint this - the real thing is WAY better.

Took a while to get used to pesos!

Lovely to see the palms in the warm sand. 

                                        Front entrance to hotel with carved doors from India. The Hotel is called NaBalam. Lovely.
                                                     Shopping and restaurants galore.

Cats everywhere!

                                                        My Valentines Day fruit at breakfast.
sweet gift from the housekeepers.
More next post- stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Happy February!

This painting is my "Girls Just Wanna Paint" for January- we were to illustrate or be inspired by a quote.  (mine is from a book given to me by my dear friend Carol J)

"Things take the time they take. Don't Worry.
How many roads did St. Augustine follow before he became St. Augustine?"
Mary Oliver