Thursday, February 28, 2019

Rocks, over and under water

This is my challenge piece for girls just wanna paint .It is on a huge piece of 300 lb watercolor paper, 4'x5', started with Kris Brennen, Kim Arouca, Patty De Young and Gail Hunter at Alice's house on Humarock beach last October. Kris brought the paper to the beach, we threw it on the sand and poured watercolors on it, scrubbed and splatted and had a good ol' time making a mess.
What it dried I visualized this painting, sorta, and just today got it to a place to show. More tweaking will happen, but I like it.
See the other challenge pieces here- the theme is over and under.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

recent animal commisions

Been  busy times with commissions.
"Boston" gift for a dear friend.


Horse. I loved drawing horses as a kid.

two fur babies,

Yellow lab

                                                                      friends puppy

these two are still in progress.