Wednesday, September 23, 2009

dilly dahlia 8"' x 8 " oil on panel

Today I had to work . I do love my job at the Art Complex, and I am lucky to have it.
I would rather paint in the morning but had to be there for yoga at 8. Not bad at all- LOVE my yoga and in the gallery under the lovely Tiffany window it's wonderful.Ahhhhh- Namaste. So I had to paint this afternoon instead of my preferred morning session. I took a  power walk after lunch with my dear friend Carol who works at the library.
She walks faster than any human being I know- and she kicked my butt! We talked the whole way. Of course.
I love my friend Carol friend- she works down the street at the library and we click so well we  are "logical sisters"! On our way past the gas station in Duxbury we saw these awesome dahlias- I wanted to pick one- so Carol asked the guy if we could - I would never have done that! And we had a nice chat with the gentleman there and it was one of those simple, nice exchanges. Good peeps.
Its what its all about- and its the flower that made it happen.

Okay thats a little sappy.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Sally. I am so enjoying your flower blog. Your writing sooths me. Keep it up! And of course, your flowers are divine!
Love, Daryl....XO

Anonymous said...

Sally, I love my friend Carol too! She told me last night to check out your site and it's inspirational girl! I look forward to the rest of the walk through the garden with you. (I know what you mean about Carol being the fastest walker - she kicks my butt too! The conversation is always fun though.) look forward to meeting you at the "Trunk Show"