Saturday, September 19, 2009

farmers Market Zinnias 8" x 8" oil on panel

This week I went to a farmers market in North Marshfield put on by the North River Garden Club.
I was a guest of Nancy Colella who made a fabulous picnic lunch for me and my artist pals. It was in an authentic Vermont barn that had been moved and reassembled on a beautiful spot near the North River, surrounded by lush gardens and geese and chickens. We shopped the handmades and garden goods- all profits go to charity.
I bought this sweet zinnia arrangement -and painted them the next day. Thanks to some helpful tips from my artist friends  I  painted the darkest dark  first and lightened up later. Oils are opposite from watercolors-which are light to dark.Im always learinig- sometimes the most obvious stuff!

It was a very special day! Pictured here is Joan Brancale, Kelley MacDonald, Bonnie Hobbs, Jeanne MacFarland ( all amazing artists) and me! ( not sure who's in the background..)

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