Wednesday, September 30, 2009

zinnias in yellow vase 4"x6" watercolor on paper

This is not what I painted today-its a back up done a couple of weeks ago.
I did paint, but its too dark to photograph and I want to work on it a little tomorrow-
I stood out in my garden at 7 AM and painted my sedums and daturas-they are looking wonderful and here on October's doorstep I feel the impending end of all my flowers. I actually am excited about the cold weather- artists love to NOT feel guilty being inside their studios, and artist LOVE being in their studios so it's a conflict at times. Strange.
I had a nice random experience today- I bought a couple of throw rugs at Bed Bath and Beyond- paid too much for them and the cashier asked if I had a coupon- no- I never think to save those- but she was nice and said I could redeem them on the receipt anytime- nice.
I paid and left.
In the parking lot a woman came up to my car and I thought uh-oh!- what does she need?
She said she thought she had a couple of coupons in her car- and yes indeed she did and gave them to me! it was the sweetest thing- a rare occasion of someone going out of their way with kindness ( saved me $30 bucks!)
Thanks random lady- I promptly bought myself new shoes.
I'm going to pay it forward when I get the chance.
It was Bed, Bath and BEYOND the everyday retail experience.

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krisbrennen said...

You know your writing is as special as your painting!!!!!