Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Still life with flox and goldenrod 8" x 8" oil on panel

I love the peppery sweet smell of these late blooming flox-they remind me of my grandmother ( those and lilacs- ahhhh) this is one of her teacups
and the vase is from a potter in Rhode Island.
I am enjoying spending time with the objects as much as the flowers.
Winter will be here soon and gathering flowers from the yard will end- but a friend just told me that he works at a florist and I can pick through the discards- he says roses get tossed if they open- people like to buy them closed- so you might be seeing some of those too! I might also enter into my more imaginative stuff as well-who knows!
I am taking a painting class at out North River Art Society with Sue Charles
and it's great! Yesterday I painted the water and rocks and a bit of a boat.

and the day before that a marsh scene on Cornhill lane-
my eyes hurt lately- getting used to marathon painting i guess!

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