Sunday, September 20, 2009

my kitchen sink,watercolor on paper,5" x 14"

I love watercolor- and, unlike oil, I can paint in my kitchen. When my kids were little I had a business painting images for pins and sold them through their schools. It grew into a cottage industry and my friends Mary Curran, Karen Biagini, Elizabeth Finkenstadt  and Patty Mulkern helped grow it into a bonafide fundraising business called "Pin Pals".We created seasonal pins for school fundraisers. It eventually  morphed into more of an ornament making business, and then it finally sort of dwindled down and disbanded. These women believed in me and we worked side by side producing my art into marketing product.I am so thankful for them and having had that period in my career, they gave me a lot of confidence and support. I loved painting the original images in the mornings in my kitchen while the kids were little and sleeping in their beds. Now and then, even though I have a studio in the back yard, I still like to sit there and paint.
Its peaceful and comforting.

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Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Yeah, remembering those pins - how great that was - I was so totally impressed with you! Still am, girl!