Sunday, December 26, 2010

Pumpkin truck,acrylic on canvas, 11"x14", and SNOWDAY!!!!

This was a commission for a dear friend who gifted this to her mom yesterday.They had seen a similar version at a show I had about 10 years ago. I recreated the same sort of thing, but used a photo of my friend Karen Biagini's truck and made up the pumpkins.
It was a challenge to paint a fall scene in winter but I really had a blast painting it and I was glad to hear that she loved it.
Oh- and BTW- the penguins( actually from the SOUTH pole I find out!) are  a photoshop trick! I do have three that are really there (painted on  plywood) and my brother also has a set in his yard. Someday I hope to have enough to make my yard look like that!

I was scheduled to work today- at the museum, and go out later.
Mother nature had a different plan for us today , and although I'm VERY sad not to see my cousin Julie who is visiting from Asheville, NC ):, I was happy to stay in and paint. I am painting"glass" today for my challenge group.
Its really REALLY hard to paint glass!
It was my favorite kind of painting day today.


Paintings by Patricia said...

All my painting stuff is at the studio and I can't get there....oh well, I'm working on the computer, updating sites.
Love the truck.

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Glad you got a painting - I mean SNOW day!
I KNEW you photoshopped those!!!! Cozy. Warm. Snow. Paint. Loved ones. Does it get better than that?

Anonymous said...

I love the pumpkin truck. I especially love all the colors you see in the truck. Beautifully done!

Sally Dean said...

thanks everyone!