Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Gratitude # 114

I was so very lucky to be invited to the beach house of Jane Filer. the house is on the coast of North Carolina and the beach there is just lovely. Another artist, Michele Yellin, was there as well and let me tell you it was all kinds of fun. We rode Janes beach bikes down to the water every day, and there was a wildlife rehabilitation center right on the edge of the beach. I got to look at 3 owls up close. Breathtaking.
Jane makes amazing heads for her art openings-  her paintings come to life.
We each made a head and made a little film- destined to win at Sundance (no doubt) when its done I'll post it on the blog.

Jane and Michele

NOT Janes house but I like the color!

Heres the owl

and his friends...

How Jane starts - theres a bike helmet underneath!

in progress

our heads drying. Mine is upper left



mine in progress

the amazing Jane

                                                                  The finished heads.
                                                   I have all sorts of ideas to make more!


SamArtDog said...

It's all good. Really.
But then you get to these FABulous heads, looking like an Easter parade of Easter Island heads.
They are such a gas!

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