Sunday, February 22, 2015

Surviving winter

This historical winter has been a true mix of magic and misery. Storms have arrived every few days , cancelling plans and making for hours of shoveling. Cabin fever sets in and people get stir crazy and down. I love snow, but when the roofs are loaded and scarily unsafe, driving is treacherous, ones spirits can sag. Facebook posts showing people I know relaxing in the sand in the tropics can make me jealous, although I am glad for them. It's interesting to see the division of people here- ones who are miserable and hate it, and others who truly love it. I'm in the middle this winter. Here in New England we are stout and strong and just when we think we can't take it anymore- spring arrives, and its miraculous!
 Yesterday I wend cross country skiing and it was great to see people out snowshoeing, s
ledding and enjoying the snow. Embrace it and accept it. Then I went painting in the greenhouse at a local garden center. Loved that! 
                                                         My snowy  morning survival kit.

                             The evening survival kit. A cocktail is not a bad thing- sometimes!

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Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

I WAS stout and strong till my knee injury - now falling is all I think about - oh, wait, the incessant shoveling has wrecked my old back, too! No end in sight! Ah, but I do love to dive into your paintings of cozy jimmies, warming beverages and comfort. Just lovely, and thank you! xo