Monday, February 27, 2017

I met these two cutie pies while I was painting along the sea wall walkway.We didn't speak the same language- but communicated pretty well.

I did a sketch here- anabandoned courtyard.

Hurricanes left a lot of damage and some people, unable to afford to rebuild, had to walk away from their homes forever.

Cant get enough Caribbean blue!

The Maleacon

This is the gate to an artist's house I met- and some of his works.

Loved his collages - fused fabrics and paper and canvas and paint.

This sculpture greets passers by.


boarded up stuff

Had to take this touristy shot!

Outside the hotel- Mayan art

Down the street from the Hotel

A scene I sketched- perhaps to paint bigger. I will post my art next time.I didn't get too many paintings...
More to come!

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