Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Aloha, Hawaii, until we meet again

I sat on this cliff and meditated ( or tried to- mostly was scared I would fall off)
I have this island in my soul- and aloha
( the meaning of that word is "generosity of spirit" ) the giving and loving energy.
I hate to leave, but of course- love to get home to my turf- my peeps- my wonderful New England. 

this is the road out of the secret cliff spot.

Here is the 1930's theater where we saw "Alice in Wonderland (no - not in 3d)
Its a wonderful old theater- reminded me of Loring Hall in Hingham
movie was fun too- loved tweedle- dee and tweedle- dum...

A mural in Honoka'a depicting the sugarcane workers, and my flower- something i did 15 years ago,

Its a wood construction- I did a lot of these at one time-- I had  given it to my Dad and Jan and it hangs in the loft.
No post tomorrow- I will be traveling....


Boston Baked Beads said...

I'm a little sad you're leaving - I've enjoyed your posts so much. It'll be good to have you back though.

Paintings by Patricia said...

What a wonderful time you have had. Safe trip.

Anonymous said...

Safe travels!

P.S. Did you know that I'm part Hawaiian? It's true.

Anonymous said...

I hate for you to leave, too. I've LOVED your trip! At least when you come home it will be to a whole new season than when you left.

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Yes, Sally, I've felt like I've had a vacation, too! Thank you for sharing so much. Have a safe trip, and enjoy coming home!

moi said...

Sally! You found the spot - awesome! Isn't it beautiful!! Have a safe trip home and hope the rest of the time was GREAT!!!! Take care and see you soon ;)

Sally Dean said...

I am glad you all came along!