Tuesday, April 13, 2010

white quince 9"x12" oil on panel

I'm very busy these days- a little too busy-( leaving for London for a week- and yes- blogging from there) on Thursday My internal time clock is almost reset from Hawaii and now I am going to throw it off even more!  My family is going for a week to see my oldest who has been studying there this semester .
I did this painting in about 45 minutes. I was rushed and busy , but it was still a joy to do. This daily painting challenge isn't always about the product- it's about fitting creative time into my day- no matter how busy. All the other stuff still gets done, somehow.
The shrub that I picked this flower from was a gift from Karen, my husbands sister- who is just great. She and her husband Paul gave this beautiful plant to us many years ago-and it blooms twice a year.
 I was very blessed to have married into this family- Al has wonderful siblings. We always have fun when we get together- and all of our kids do too. 


Anonymous said...

Ooo, Sal,this is beautiful!


Kristeena Crabb said...

First Hawaii and now London. I love my virtual vacations!

This is a beautiful little painting, too, Sally.

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

You jet-setter! I just love this format, and the painting is gorgeous, lush and dramatic. YAY!

Paintings by Patricia said...

Great painting and I love your happy blogs. Have a great time...looking forward to another virtual vacation.

Sally Dean said...

rightey- o!
thanks mates!