Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Lamb( one day late)

Lavender surprised us with a lamb- a baby ewe! She is 9 lbs- a very nice size!
She is adorable. 

Here is Joanna helping her to latch on. 

Here are the boys- Sherman (in front) is the proud father. He's waiting for a cigar!

This is what MY Dad does while this is all going on- he hides in his woodshop!

Here is the baby-still unnamed...lying in the grass, SOOOOOO cute!

This is one of the paintings of the day-
And this is the portrait of Nicole- commission ( thanks Nicole's Mom!)
Nicole came as the sheep shearer and ended moving into a tent on the property, she now lives in town. She is doing her thesis on agricultural community of the Hamakua district, at UH-Manoa ( Owahu)
Nicole is, simply put , THE BEST. One of those people you meet and love immediately. 
I hope I captured her natural beauty!


Nancy Colella said...

Wow!What a time you are having! I love the portrait. You can just feel her soul.And you can tell you like this person!Safe travels this week - talk soon.

Paintings by Patricia said...

How cute...a baby lamb. Lovely portrait and her beauty shines through.