Thursday, April 8, 2010

There's No Place like Home

When I left Marshfield everything was black and white- and when I returned- color!  Spring! The flights back were perfectly uneventful- and I got in on time and even a little early. The only negative was the fight movie choice- a move called Hatchi with Richard Gere- based on a true story about a Japanese dog- let me tell you- it was so sad- I actually had to go to the teeny restroom to cry! And talk about red eye! Please- airline people- no sad movies on flights out of Hawaii! That is sad enough!
Other than that it was fine. I even made it back in time to hear my daughter sing at the high school spring concert- perfect re-entry- especially because the last song was very Hawaiian. Sweet!
I had a wonderful session making mosaics today at the Bay Farm Montessori school in Duxbury- ( luckily after lunch!) and here are the kids enjoying the process. They created two nautical themed stained glass mosaic windows for their annual auction.
Here is my flower of the day- I designed this for the school garden in Waimea. HI. The original painting is for the auction they have there, and the image will be also be used for a tee-shirt.


Anonymous said...

Welcome home, Sally!!

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Sal... how many hours are there in YOUR day? I get exhausted just reading about all you do. Love the donation for the school - it's one only you could do!

Paintings by Patricia said...

Welcome home, Sally. I too love the school donation.