Tuesday, April 20, 2010

itsy bitsy pansy painting 3''x3" oil on canvas

I painted this little baby at the end of the day- and truly- the beginning of the day is my best painting time. I tried to paint a beautiful white barn at the end of my street at 4 oclock with my friend Nancy Colella today- she got a nice painting- I got a wipe out.
So because I feel obligated ( is that a good thing?) I did this baby for the blog.
Is the obligation a good thing? Not sure. It does keep me going, that is for sure.
I find spring can be a little overwhelming- all the outside work, gardening, painting, cleaning and stuff- and the beauty of the world beckons to be painted- but where is the time?
I do love pansies- and cant resist them. They end up in the pots for a while till I get around to planting them, but eventually make it to my my borders and containers. Happy little kitten- faced flowers- sweet! 


chris peters said...

Sally, this is adorable and the colors are gorgeous!!!

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

I LOVE this one, Sal. YES, for you, obligation seems to work!

bryson said...

Hey Sal, I think this works really well. The 3x3 size is a good challenge - maybe you should do a series.
I'd also like to see you do a closeup of a pansy "face" - it would be adorable. Kudos - bryson

Sally Dean said...

gee I feel better now- thanks!