Saturday, April 17, 2010

Goddess Linda Watercolor on paper 6 "x8"

HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY LINDA! You are a yoga goddess ( doing the goddess pose)
Linda is one of the most loving, wonderful, nurturing woman I know. She is endlessly doing for others.
I went to her surprise party tonight- really fun! lots of folks from my childhood there- and it was a lavish spread all thanks to husband Billy and their kids. Linda was truly surprised! Wish I had taken some pics- she looked so adorable.
We are getting a lot done around the house and yard this week- our not going to England vacation opened up all this time to tackle projects- and we are a little bit psyched!
Here is Al burning in the back...

 I hope my friends in Ireland can get home safely. We might be considering ocean travel to get my daughter home May 7th...hmmmm - it's gotta be okay by then but who knows? I hear this volcano is just getting going!


Paintings by Patricia said...

Great little watercolors for your friends. Ah, yes. The yard work....started last week,but now the rain has gotten in the way for awhile.

billysmaid said...

i LOVE my goddess painting! it is going in my yoga room with the buhdah head bonnie bought from you!
thanks so much for coming last night!!!!

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

I think you should do 'Goddess' paintings for everyone's birthday!!! How fun! She will LOVE it! Burn, Al, Burn!

Sally Dean said...

I am going to do them for everyone! It is so fun to do them.