Sunday, April 11, 2010

from the farmers market- Waimea- 8" 8" oil on canvas

I thought I posted this in Hawaii but it never  made it on the blog- which is GREAT because I didn't get to paint a flower today- which is not good , but happens! It was a wonderful day- got my water garden mucked out - 7 year old my nephew Chris came over and we captured a ton of pollywogs (or tadpoles- not sure if that is the same thing) for him to take home in a jar  and I got my waterfall running again. There were two big frogs in the pond- one alive and well- the other not so well-sadly-he got chucked over the fence.
This afternoon my daughter Maddie and I went to the matinee of RENT at the Company Theatre in Norwell to see our friend Shawn Verrier ( Angel) it was amazing. It's there through the 18th so if you are in these parts try to go. I loved it.
Shawn was the best! What a voice !

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