Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Humarock morning 12"x12" Oil on canvas

I got up at 5:30 this Am and met my pal Nancy for an early morning painting session.
We were lucky- the clouds lifted and we caught some nice light. It hard to choose what to paint- I figured I would portray  the space between these houses- and the car that was  there drove away as I was painting it.
 I whipped this off quickly- I kept thinking about the breakfast we were going to get at the Sands End cafe across the street.
Later, at work, I prepared for a painting lesson that I am planning for campers visiting the museum on Friday. I am showing the middle school age kids (from Camp Wing in Duxbury ) the American paintings in the gallery and doing a short demo.  I will give them each a primed panel and 3 acrylic colors ( yellow, red and blue) and white -and hopefully they will successfully paint a landscape.
Heres the inspiration from our collection

This is my painting of the garage at the museum using the three colors and white.

How can I not love a job that makes me have to do a painting?
I plan on doing another one tomorrow!
One last thing- my stepmother in Hawaii sent this- it is VERY worth watching!
All about fitting creativity into our lives- so 


M.F.Bruno said...

Love the video. So true...

Paintings by Patricia said...

You have such a good creative time with the kids...kudos to you. Loved that video...thanks.