Thursday, November 10, 2011

Last nights class demo 6"x8" and the last nasturtium 8"x10" acrylics

I showed my students again the fun spritz and drag technique to make the upper image- its really fun and they all did great! Below is the last nasturtium from my garden,with the ginko pattern... hate to see them go but spring will return again.
I cut up a really old painting that was hanging around and attached it to a tree in my back yard- I want to make more of my trees have faces. My husband was a little sad- he found the "remains" of the painting in the trash... oops... sorry!


Fay Terry said...

Great post, Sally! I always love your clever ideas. The nasturtium and gingko leaf work is fabulous. I would really like to borrow your tree idea and I am wondering how you attached the piece of canvas to the tree trunk?
Thanks for sharing all your cool work!

Paula Villanova said...

I LOVE the face on the tree...your yard looks like such a fun place to many surprises!