Saturday, August 17, 2013

Bear W.I.P 16"x24" acrylic on canvas

I am about 1/2 done here. I love it when I get to erase the chalk lines to reveal the black underneath.
I have to let it dry completely - the acrylics are drying fast in this lovely weather we are having!
its a little bit tough to be in the studio-but I am feeling the rush of this new work and I want to stay on it!
 Now I am about to walk Winnie down to the creek for a swim.Then another session on the bear.
She is so ready!
Get off the pooter!


Nancy Colella said...

Very cool Sally!

Nancy Colella said...

You are on a roll girl! Stay focused and hold on for the ride! It's fantastic!

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

I'm always excited to see your works in progress! Stay focused, because this is the time of year you usually get adrift a little. Looks like you have inspiration galore to help you out~!

And Winnie.... so cute! Yesterday I saw a man walking THREE corgi's down Main Road and I thought "Sally, Sally Sally!" xoxo