Monday, August 12, 2013

"time flies" 16"x26" acrylic on canvas

My niece Mikayla and I had an art day together yesterday . She is working on a beautiful portrait of an African child she met on a recent mission trip to Uganda. I love painting when she's here.We can share hours of quiet together and it is so centering and relaxing!
I perused a few source materials and this flying bird called to me-  the background and flowers are pulled from a piece of wrapping paper that was on my wall. Painting this felt so good to me- its a whole different approach and one I have not worked in in a long time. No layering- each stroke is mindful and finished. It's on a canvas that was repurposed from  artist Dot Krause's studio sale . I gessoed it black- there was some crackle glaze here and there on her canvas making for an interesting surface. It wasn't until after I finished this that I realized my daughter Maddie was flying while I was painting it.
 Art imitates life...
Time flies- Maddie is back to school at the College of Charleston for her senior year.

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Fay Terry said...

This is such a strong and beautiful painting, no wonder it felt good to paint it.
I hope your daughter ( and you) enjoy her senior year- don't blink, it goes fast!