Saturday, March 17, 2012

Another day in paradise

I had a super day- It was market day so I checked out the farmers market in Waimea where Jan sells her wool and other wares.
Lots of coffee, veggies, orchids, Hawaiian homegrown wool , woodwork, pottery and tea, lotions, soaps, bread, art, etc. Fun.

These are sweet potato tea treats- I didn't try one but next week I will. SO pretty!
                                     This is Roxie in the dog-bed Dad made,

 My paper mache' lamb- I mixed up the paper clay ( toilet paper, joint compound, flour, glue and oil) and it was a lot like the way the wool looks. The sheep were posing in the pasture for me. I love them.
              And here's my daily painting of the fish pond with gopi dancer statue ( the       women who danced with Krishna), still a bit unfinished. Tomorrow's another day.

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