Thursday, March 22, 2012


I started out the day up on the mountain- was going to try to paint in a new location so I packed up the oils.
 These horses belong to friends Miliana and Jeff.
The pastures are foggy- it's a lot cooler and rainy up on the higher elevations.

 I love the windy roads and layers of soft greens.I forgot to photograph the painting I started...I didn't finish as it really got foggy. When I got back to the farm it was sunny again.
 Dad and Jan's friends from California came to visit and this little angel Amrita captured my heart.
She was so adorable with all the animals.
 The goats are a littel TOO friendly...
 We had tea. It was really nice.

Amrita communing with Roxie.
Some lovely flowers.
That's it for now.
Tomorrow we are going to Hilo.
I'm happy to know that the weather back home has been amazing.
Love it!

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Maureen Brookfield said...

Looks like you're having a wonderful time.... Lucky dog!